Everlasting Lesson Poem by Kelvin Owusu

Everlasting Lesson

Rating: 5.0

Thirteen years of school
A little more for further studies
General, social, history lessons
Life and street rules
Vice versa, slips, trips many falls
Start or end with the blues
Plenty songs sang relating on the journey

Old school and new school
Many different battles and scars
Same title: The fight.
Plenty obstacles, different bridge destinations
A journey, same struggle: The climb.
Every individual owns claim to their own stories
Same topic: Life.

From birth ‘til death
A constant lesson
Repercussion, obstacles, compassion
Beginning to end, the journey and destination
A grim awakening

Struggles are our teachers
Life's the lesson
We're the students
The mind is the question to
our everlasting lesson

Nader Baheri 26 November 2012

the life is, and will be the open school for everyone.the people are its both teachers and students.but who is the real teacher? maybe the life itself! ! ... or the god? ! ! ... yeah thts right. obstacles, compassion, sadnesses, but a little bit happinesses too. this work is really great.with a brilliant idea. best wishes~nb

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Jahan Zeb 26 November 2012

Speedy very speedy. I always had a curiosity in my mind what is next. Very Nice. Very good work. The last 5 lines concluded well. Keep it up

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Gajanan Mishra 26 November 2012

Good poem. I like it. thanks. I invite you to read my poems and comment.

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