Emotive Language Poem by Kelvin Owusu

Emotive Language

Rating: 4.8

If she passed, would mine break?
Would there be any display
or curtain's not even close
of being drawn?
would the body shake,
what about the legs, would they tremble?

Fear of loss, would that play
an important role
or the recollection of neglect,
Foil grief's solo performance

No water work display
a sigh followed by smile's farewell
could the reaction of "Oh well"
be considered a heartless act?

Not a dropp will fall, but will contemplate
while a smile appears
although it's never seemed like it
these words goodbye
also mean that I'm going to miss you

Nader Baheri 21 September 2012

very impressive and emotional. mucha gracias.

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Elena Sandu 18 September 2012

Touching, filled with emotion, one could feel shivers of wonders, loved this poem, thank you for share!

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Elizabeth Padillo Olesen 17 September 2012

Yes, it is indeed a language of emotions which can be packed in whatever way by the poet and by the one who reads. Saying goodbye also means I miss you. I like it!

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Stevie Taite 17 September 2012

Second guessing the feelings of another, love and learn, shaping our hearts form! Very good sir! X

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Gabrielle Marie 17 September 2012

Lovers questions, packed in a beautiful rythm,

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