Kelvin Owusu

Rookie - 134 Points (15-10-1988 / Ghana)

Kelvin Owusu Poems

1. A Wrong My Right 10/6/2012
2. Limerick 10/1/2012
3. Try 4 (A Happy) 10/15/2012
4. Get Along 12/24/2012
5. Driven Over 2/25/2013
6. Free Fall 4/1/2013
7. Darkest Light Of Grey 4/15/2013
8. Sunshine 6/25/2013
9. Unbreakable 6/25/2013
10. Station De 7/4/2013
11. Heartplay 7/10/2013
12. Side Track 7/3/2013
13. In Lust 7/3/2013
14. Priceless 8/5/2013
15. Govern 9/2/2013
16. Untitled 10/4/2014
17. A Poetic Something 9/10/2012
18. Hush Little Baby (Part 2) 9/3/2012
19. A Birds View 8/5/2013
20. Apim (At Peace In Mind) 8/5/2013
21. O.T (Once Told) 9/2/2013
22. Questioned Suicide 7/3/2013
23. Mirror 6/25/2013
24. Theft Of Time 6/3/2013
25. Her Doing 4/15/2013
26. My Happy 4/1/2013
27. Fairytail Memory 8/6/2012
28. Humanity 8/5/2012
29. Dug My Fate 8/6/2012
30. A Love's Dream 8/6/2012
31. Bored 8/6/2012
32. Found 8/13/2012
33. Poetic Aspects 9/10/2012
34. In Poetic 9/10/2012
35. A Story Of A Life, Mine 9/24/2012
36. My Green Mile 9/24/2012
37. A Darker Eye 1/14/2013
38. River 12/3/2012
39. Alone With Convictions 11/26/2012
40. Haiku (Breath) 10/22/2012

Comments about Kelvin Owusu

  • Brian Markey (11/5/2012 5:56:00 AM)

    Hi Kelvin,
    A very deep emotional rollercoaster of a poem heading everly downwards, trust in yourself first and foremost and you will never be deceived by another lie in your life, onwards and upwards is where you are now heading, keep the words flowing.
    Good Luck and God speed,

    Bri Mar

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  • Gwenevere Cornwell Gwenevere Cornwell (9/24/2012 5:46:00 PM)

    Kelvi Owusu is one of my favourite poets in the world. He is articulate, and full of life. He is honest, and he doesn't know his worth. Kelvin is an amzing poet, whose passion shines through his words. He lives through words and allows his soul to be bare to his readers. It seems tht the window into his soul is not his eyes, but his mind, and his writing. I truly love him. G

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  • Ellias Anderson Jr. Ellias Anderson Jr. (9/13/2012 1:40:00 AM)

    Poems those Dear Kelvin write are full of emotional and truth. the unique paradoxes and the great comparing between the subjects is so great and nice. you have a nice creative mind dear Kelvin. You use your mind in the nice way.
    Best wishes.

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  • Gwenevere Cornwell Gwenevere Cornwell (8/31/2012 11:45:00 AM)

    I love how unique your poetry is, and the different take in several perspectives. I enjoy that your poetry tells a definite story, and virtually give an inner portal to your thoughts and viewpoints, as well as into different things that people don't think about.

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  • Trina French (8/30/2012 4:21:00 PM)

    Great poems! They have a unique edge of flair to them.

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  • Will Cunningham (8/10/2012 3:39:00 AM)

    This poem was really good i enjoyed reading it and i hope i'll be able to read more!

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Best Poem of Kelvin Owusu

Suicidal Lies

I Said hi when I meant goodbye
It's not a lie, not do I lie, just a rare truth
Is not even that I like it when you cry
Just an uncontrolled smile

You hurt, I create
You suspect, I evade
You react, I sustain
You walk, I reclaim

Left you hanging,
A noose round the neck
A river flow, blood red
Joys torment,
A gentle push
Cliff dive

Read the full of Suicidal Lies

To The Moon

Fly with me
lets dance on the rings of Saturn
take you around the world, better yet
see the world from the moons point of view
beautiful isn't it
that's the way I see you.

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