Kelvin Owusu Poems

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Suicidal Lies

I Said hi when I meant goodbye
It's not a lie, not do I lie, just a rare truth
Is not even that I like it when you cry
Just an uncontrolled smile

Who Am I?

I am all that is taken for granted
the essence of beauty and destruction
the fall of autumn leaves
lay dormant in winter and bloom in spring

Lie, Love Me

If I fall, will you catch me?
If I were to drown, will you
dive in after me?
Cpr, will you give me the kiss of life?

Beautiful Creatures

The soil which we plant our seeds
beautifully dangerous, remarkable creatures
strangely complicated, a delicate rare breed
shelters, nurturers, the definition of strength and warmth

Emotive Language

If she passed, would mine break?
Would there be any display
or curtain's not even close
of being drawn?

Rise Of The Phoenix

A dance of the broken
the depletion of a spiritual spark
a flame of a phoenix once constant
now never to rise

Smile Lonely

Smile happy
smile with a grin
smile in joy
smile in darkness and pain

Me In Their Eyes

'You're a waste of space
A thief, a waste of time
You're just like your mother
A son of mine wouldn't act like this

It Is Eye

Escape, to finally escape
To evade or find the strength to make a change
A destiny, this faith, my fate
Stray from a dark cloud

Friends, Love, Life

In all honesty, you are beautiful
Despite the backlash
Between the mind and that beating drum
Slipped, tripped, fell in

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