It Is Eye Poem by Kelvin Owusu

It Is Eye

Rating: 4.6

Escape, to finally escape
To evade or find the strength to make a change
A destiny, this faith, my fate
Stray from a dark cloud
To create foot prints on the road less travelled

There's no one quite like i
am only yet plenty
the many look in the eye
doubts, lies share crocodile tear smile
goodbye through hi
abide by an existence of the norm
sheepish. Relinquish that of which is not I
I, a stand out, not of protocol
alien within the norm
outcast, out-cast
so do I out shine beyond cameras flashing lights
lit up the night sky did I
a beacon of one's own hope
a leader of one's self

the hardest thing to do in the world is to be ourselves as its easy to be someone else but its worth the practice as Quoted by Oscar Wilde 'be yourself; everyone else is already taken'
Alexandria Angel 15 November 2012

awesome poem, has alot of true meaning. looking forward to reading more of ur poetry

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Stevie Taite 12 November 2012

A true discovery and proud acceptance of self and self worth. Be very proud for being you and listening to your heart! Love it!

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Anita Sehgal 13 November 2012

it is so difficult to be our real self... we are so lost that we are not aware of our self worth which is dependent on others opinion of ourself.. well done.. read mine.. stranger in the mirror..!

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Nader Baheri 13 November 2012

nicely penned Kelvin.nice subject and topic you have chosen to write about.i like the meanings behind the verses and stanzas. some times its difficult to be ourselves.we always care what the other people think of us and try to change ourselves and adjust ourselves by their thoughts.sometimes it is good but sometimes not.sometimes it is shown as pretending or as you have written: we are not as the same as the one we see in the others eyes. any way i really enjoyed especially the unique meanings and voted 10+++++ cheers~nb

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$arah Pillai 13 November 2012

I am learning that it's not easy to accept myself as I am. Too many interfearence from everyone else. But in the dark of the night when all the voices have ceased, I am only left with myself. Good work on this one.

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Stevens Cadet 07 January 2013

I like the note that goes along with the poem. Appreciate that as much as the piece

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Lyn Paul 07 December 2012

Nothing more important than knowing who you are and you most certainly do. Thank you

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Valerie Dohren 20 November 2012

To quote Shakespeare's Hamlet - to thine own self be true.. A great message.

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 20 November 2012

I really enjoyed reading this poem, which seems to be rebellious, but full of facts! Good! but when we try to be different from the crowd, in certain places it is welcome and in other places we may be left out!

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 17 November 2012

It is Eye, is so meaningful and great. lots of fresh ideas. enjoy reading your perfect work dude

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