Hercolena Oliver

Rookie (18 April 1969 / Durban South Africa)

Humility And Wisdom - Poem by Hercolena Oliver

Believe it or not looking thourough a peephole,
there is no intuitive interpretation of apathy for most people.
Boredom and disinterest in what is considered a fascinating topical
provides a new language of poetryand a new voice for fickle.

Push away rock of apathy, blocked disinterest and clocked experience
into fog of apathy and disinterest that surrounds institutionalised religion
personified in sermon petrified of the church of the living dead
so that nce again an attitude of smug apathy prevailed not unlike heavy lead.

Disinterest and carelessness, all wrapped up together
causes an apathetical downgrade in the life of tether,
thus party will miss or ignore obvious signals of essential disinterest
envisioned in entire apathy hierarchy, but off charter as to waht' best.

New era in the treatment of schizophrenia envisions
a time when the treatment of rudimentary visions
such as disinterest, apathy and withdrawal are alleviated.
This means spread of ignorance and apathy is obviated.

This could explain both disinterest in local election
and interest in outside media that does not favour retention
that explains both disinterest and the appeal of the rest
to curve learning as a ticking time bomb of apathy and disinterest.

People are private; many, culturally despondent, exhibit apathy.
Psychological and educational testing disregards telepathy.
This could be responsible for total disinterest in life adn philantrophy
noted as jokes, poems, stories, unreasonable reasoning and philosophy.

Distractions disinterest; not thinking of is apathy.
Cynicism towards and owned disinterest in own disowned government
displays voter apathy in disbelief of vote mattering difference.
Disinterest and bisexuality has undertone of apathy indifference.

Factors were cited, including recited budget cuts to differentiate
budget, disinterest and the emergence of memory disseminate
that were apathy and pathetic poetic sympathy
in refusing to vote for the donkey or the elephant's trumpetting symphony.

During the caucus is emerging new forms of patriotism sobriety
that despite widespread apathy, disinterest and ignorance in society
portrays apathy with which we greet this ongoing holocaust
some of mere counterparts have decayed in large city locusts.

A casualty of apathy and disinterest is thriving,
alive and the most exuberant testimony of the surviving,
possibly reducing daily dose of apathy, negativity and disinterested symphony,
resultign in multidisciplinary approach to treating disinterest and apathy.

Diminished grooming and hygiene
indicates a disinterest, perhaps even a boredom, with the seen.
In proposing to confront this apathy and cynicism uninvited,
indifference of religious and ethnic disinterest is ignited.

Apathy and inability all over the country
decided to publish a transcript of controversial legacy.
Woman mistakenly accused of mischievously punching air
lowers current disinterest almost verging on apathy as a dare.

Since which we believe presents
a putrid undercard that takes place in front of sparse consents
there is throughout the arena a malaise of apathy and disinterest
that spreads like the plague not laid to rest.

Officials confronting apathy with war wizardry
address the apparent disinterest of citizenry.
The apathy is so great that, as far as can be remembered
suspected middle class has society dismembered.

Sisinterest is shared by counterparts in other large cities' recission;
the face of budget cutbacks and apathy developed a vision;
the problems of cultural disinterest, apathy and self destructive behavior
continues for cynicism is inclined towards disinterest in a saviour.

Voter apathetic people do not believe that their vote matter adn fret
at campaign that to date has been characterized by general disinterest.
To ovserve humility, political leaders will have to
overcome apathy and growing cynicism in wisdom new.

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