Evil Rising Poem by Dave Alan Walker

Evil Rising

Rating: 4.5

It rises
like poison ivy
up walls of humanity

Evil is stalking
our minds
and our sanity

We must become one
to stop the evil rising
join together as one nation

Goblin Train 30 January 2012

I like the form of this poem, and the way that the rhymes are more implied than literal. Its brevity also serves it well, keeping it focused.

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Geetha Jayakumar 16 September 2013

Wonderful poem...Great message, to stop evil rising, join together as one.

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Charnele Waith 09 November 2012

so so true.. nice work

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Pradip Chattopadhyay 01 February 2012

Beginning with dealing with the evil lurking in oneself. I have gone through some of your poems. You write very poignantly dave. Thanks.

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Wabi Sabi 31 January 2012

yes, it is quite true. sometimes we don't realize what is evils since they seem to be nice to me at first...

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Bryony Sheldon 07 November 2018

Touching and heartfelt.

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Milkyboy Galia 27 October 2018

A very good poem dear sir.

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Akhtar Jawad 10 April 2018

Yes, the world should unite to check the evil rising anywhere in any shape.

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Terry Upham 27 March 2015

Vladimir Putin evil but not looking for war. I'm glad you recognizewhat's going on.

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True Ku 07 January 2015

love it. using this for my homework!

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