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A Window Of Time

Rating: 4.8

Looking through a window
where time had stopped
I see my mother calling

Calling for me
to see where I had been
I see myself run to her
I feel a sense of shock

I shout for them

to look at the window
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Michelle Claus 05 August 2014

Captivating - and haunting - I like this poem... and I'm unsettled by it.

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Dr Antony Theodore 12 May 2016

Right up until her death My mother would always talk of a ghost at the window that looked just like me. a sense of mystery......... the boy running to mum..... mum telling of a ghost...... it is very interesting to read this and think.. thank you. tony

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Noreen Carden 04 September 2013

Hello Dave this is a wonderful poem i have been reading your poems and enjoying them very much you write about what you observe some of your poems are heart rending Thank you for reading my poem and your kind words

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Leslie Philibert 05 August 2014

a fine write, like the way the central image turns..

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Diane Hine 05 August 2014

An enchanting poem - time is such a strange phenomenon.

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Richard Antwi 22 June 2020

A bit scary at the last line on the last stanza? Good one

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Soran M. H 25 December 2019

Oh my dear how fantastic is that this piece of work? this window is a metaphor and symbol, make this poem superb, this indirect way of writing make your poem very poetic and strong, congratulation 10/10

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Richard D Remler 20 January 2019

wonderfully written, and memorable. And the title is perfect. I think a lot of folks can see themselves in your words here. A fine penning.

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Aniruddha Pathak 05 January 2019

A Window of Time, what a beautiful poem on mother no more and her memories. I feel glad I read it. I rate it high.

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Richard Ikolo 28 July 2017

What a great memory of your late mother!I see the bond of intimacy & love between your mother &you.A great poem!

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