A Window Of Time Poem by Dave Alan Walker

A Window Of Time

Rating: 4.8

Looking through a window
where time had stopped
I see my mother calling

Calling for me
to see where I had been
I see myself run to her
I feel a sense of shock

I shout for them
to look at the window

I see their disbelief
as they look right at me
Then they disappear
right in front of me

Right up until her death
My mother would always talk
of a ghost at the window
that looked just like me

Dr Antony Theodore 12 May 2016

Right up until her death My mother would always talk of a ghost at the window that looked just like me. a sense of mystery......... the boy running to mum..... mum telling of a ghost...... it is very interesting to read this and think.. thank you. tony

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Michelle Claus 05 August 2014

Captivating - and haunting - I like this poem... and I'm unsettled by it.

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Sossi Khachadourian 26 October 2014

Excellent write my friend appreciative.thank you for sharing!

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 01 November 2014

Hello poet friend Dave. An interesting poem and great ending, I enjoyed, Loyd PS: Please check out my new book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, Pumpkinny Tales. Thanks for your support.

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Brian Stafford 14 February 2015

excellent, makes the hairs on the back of the neck stand up!

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Richard Antwi 22 June 2020

A bit scary at the last line on the last stanza? Good one

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Soran M. H 25 December 2019

Oh my dear how fantastic is that this piece of work? this window is a metaphor and symbol, make this poem superb, this indirect way of writing make your poem very poetic and strong, congratulation 10/10

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Richard D Remler 20 January 2019

wonderfully written, and memorable. And the title is perfect. I think a lot of folks can see themselves in your words here. A fine penning.

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Aniruddha Pathak 05 January 2019

A Window of Time, what a beautiful poem on mother no more and her memories. I feel glad I read it. I rate it high.

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Richard Ikolo 28 July 2017

What a great memory of your late mother!I see the bond of intimacy & love between your mother &you.A great poem!

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