A Drug Infested Mind Poem by Dave Alan Walker

A Drug Infested Mind

Rating: 4.7

A lonely baby cries
as her single mother
tries to open her eyes

A drug infested mind
not allowing her to hear
her baby cry

She keeps telling everyone
everything is fine
so she can keep
living the lie
and living the life

Until she opens her eyes
a lonely baby still cries

Captain Cur 15 August 2012

Heartfelt and true. Drugs and alcohol numb our hearts and souls and we become unresponsive and uncaring.

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Heather Wilkins 12 August 2013

today society is drug infested. alcohol is just as bad. numbs the mind. this is a world wide problem. good write

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Trinidad Villafranca 02 October 2012

Well written i have seen through the eyes of the child who cries and must say I love it Describes the moment that lead up to my poem no memories no pictures Until she opens her eyes a lonely baby still cries

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Soulful Heart 25 October 2014

the pathetic condition of a drug addict and the unfortunate baby.....no words can b enough to describe the state of this dreadful condition...

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Mass Koi 25 May 2012

that's a great poem.. i will learn from your poems

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Julia Luber 15 June 2019

Thought provoking poem. Remember though, all babies cry and it does not necessarily mean that they are lonely nor drug infested. All babies cry.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 06 November 2018

A drug infested mind not allowing her to hear her baby cry.....so touching. Drug must be restricted. It can spoil the life. You have so touchingly captured it in this poem. Thank you dear Dave.10

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Glenn Frederick Baker 15 May 2016

Drugs don't just block out the pain they also block out humanity.

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Kay Staley 08 September 2015

Absolutely beautiful and charmingly realistic. Desperate mother knows deep down but outwardly is eaten away.

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Jasbir Chatterjee 08 September 2015

How very sad...she keeps telling everyone everything is fine, has a drug-infested mind, and a lonely baby still cries...a poignant poem indeed...

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