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Eyes Of Fire And Heart Of Stone

I see pain in their eyes.
I hear sorrow in their cries.
Inside I break and cry alone,
with my eyes of fire and heart of stone.

No matter how much pain I feel
I am sure that I will always deal
the way I know..alone
with my eyes of fire and heart of stone.

Others may not know the fear.
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Maty Grosman 11 August 2005

That IS true love, Mary. It is too bad that most people don't know what alone is, and often confuse it with loneliness-which they dread...Those people throw their troubles in the face of others, as if their suffering gives them privilege, or at least pity will comfort them. The honest man, though, deals with his troubles himself, and deals with other people not through the guidance of emotions, but of his rational mind. Only then can he truly enjoy (emotionally) the company of others. In other words, the trade should be Happiness for Happiness VS Happiness for Suffering. Don't let them make you feel guilty for it, you should be proud of your 'Eyes of fire and Heart of stone'. (Or, if I may rephrase, 'A passionate heart, guided by a rational mind’) Sencirely, Maty.

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Raynette Eitel 13 July 2005

Mary, many of us can relate to your poem. The older I get, the more I see my mother's face in the mirror and detect many of the things in my character that are like her. I think God makes this true so that we can forgive. This is a wonderful poem. THanks for sharing it. Raynette

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earyt etr 02 June 2005

I like. I like a lot. I can relate to it, and that helps. Not that it needs it, I mean. Keep writing, it's a pleasure to read your poems.Thank you!

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Marozia Jones 18 May 2005

Nice and lyrical. Good work.

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James Mills 18 May 2005

A tough one, Mary, with a tough stance and outlook. Full of irony and resignation. I like it. Jimmy

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Yeisha Moreno 06 February 2007

2nd and 3rd Stanza's made me cry. I'm going through this right now and it's so hard. My eyes do feel like they're on fire. Although I don't think my heart is no longer stone. It's crumbling.

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Brian Dorn 07 June 2006

Mary, this would make a great Johnny Cash song... a disheartening message but superbly written. Well done! Brian

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Lylyanna Pilewski 24 October 2005

very very nice kinda a mid-evil feel to it. good job Lylyanna

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Simone Inez Harriman 08 October 2005

Mary your very talented. Enjoyed your poem. Thank you.

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zip zap 31 August 2005

absolutly gorgeous. nice repitition, i really enjoyed reading it. very emotional -ps

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