Fable-4 Poem by Nabakishore Dash


Rating: 4.9

There lived a swan
on a branch of the
massive banyan tree
at the edge of a big pond.
A crow built its
nest on a bough
at a higher end.

By nature, they were
antagonistic to each other.
But became friends
as they were living in the same tree
near one another.

Swan's nature was clean,
his heart bore no enmity
and ill feeling for the crow.
However, the crow was, by heart,
very envious of the swan
on account of his fair
snow white plumage
and perfectionist behaviour,
of course never let him know.

In the mid-day's scorching heat
of the painful summer arrived
a hunter,
utterly tired,
drank the clear water of the pool,
slept under the shade
to rejuvenate his vigour.
As heat and light from the sun
fell on a part of his face,
the swan unfurled his wings
in such a manner that wings shadowed
that part to allow a very
satisfying sleep to the hunter.

This could not be tolerated
by the evil and ugly looking
charcoal black crow in
any manner.
He came flying,
defecated on the hunter's face
and flew away speedily from there.

The hunter's good sleep was interrupted
in the middle,
woke up suddenly,
found the swan sitting
perpendicular to him,
targeted his gun,
fired it,
then and there ended tragically
the life of the swan.
This is the result of
the company of any evil man.
One should not endanger
one's life,
bad company must be shunned.

Bad company must be avoided at any cost.
Bharati Nayak 27 April 2022

A nice fable told in beautiful manner.Yes, bad company may put you in danger and should be avoided at any cost.

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Nabakishore Dash 27 April 2022

Namaskar Madam.I was happy enough on completion of your book.Thanks for your appreciation.

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A fable of great wisdom narrated is beautiful poetry. One should always keep away from the company of bad people. Loved it. Top score.

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Nabakishore Dash 27 April 2022

Thanks dear Unnikrishanan.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 28 April 2022

A great poem...

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 29 April 2022

Beautifully expressed and presented.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 29 April 2022

What a wonderful story embedded with great wisdom. A moral lesson that we must always put in mind.

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 29 April 2022

Thank you dear Poet Nabakishore ji for these beautiful stories of learning and wisdom.......10

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 29 April 2022

These fables have a moral and message for all of us. Bad company should be avoided

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Dr. M. Asim Nehal 28 April 2022

Wise words through this nice fable. Bad company is always vulnerable and dangerous. Full*****

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