Love, The Conqueror. Poem by Nabakishore Dash

Love, The Conqueror.

Rating: 4.3

An enormous black blanket
is the moonless sky,
occurs once in each lunar month,
none can deny.
If then, clouds overpower
for a heavy downpour,
the sky is deprived of
dazzling of the stars.
The night becomes pitch dark,
the sky is a huge black diamond,
the upper atmosphere is
more and more darkened.

Darkness can not be removed
by addition of another dose of it.
It can recede only by
a ray of light.

Similarly hate can not be
made to vanish by hate,
may rather be multiplied.
Can be nullified only by love
as love is hate's cyanide,
love thus is the only bonafide
conqueror world wide.

Only love can expell hate from the world.
Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 08 January 2022

Thank you Nabakishore ji for this wonderful poem on love........100

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Nabakishore Dash 08 January 2022

Heartfelt best wishes for the new year and compliments for your appreciation of my poem love, the conqueror.Thanks to you.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 06 February 2022

Most beautiful poem, Dr. Dash, yes, only love can expell hate from the world, so true. I have read your lovely poem about Love, The Qonqueror once again, it still has kept its Beauty, Dr. Dash.

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Rebecca Navarre 04 July 2022

Wow! .. Such a beautifully and powerfully painted poem on love! .. Beyond #'S! ..++++++++++++++++++

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Dr Dillip K Swain 27 August 2021

A magnificent poem..... beautifully written!

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Bri Edwards 17 January 2024

I give 5 stars *****, partly for 'the heck of it' and partly for the comments you sent to my 'Shoulders' poem, & partly for the well-written and sensitivity of your poem. I LOVE you; now you should LOVE me back. : ))))

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Bri Edwards 17 January 2024

But, Nabakishore, hating another who shows you hate MIGHT make the target of the initial hate FEEL a little (or a lot) bit better. I say I hate when I have certain troubles on PH, but rarely, if ever 'hate' a person. ;) bri

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A wonderful message to humanity woven in a beautiful poem. Well crafted and expressed.

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Rob Lamberton 18 January 2023

Enjoyed reading this poem a second time!

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Rob Lamberton 15 December 2022

The great Conqueror…such a ray of light! ! Thank you! !

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