Running On ocean Surface. Poem by Nabakishore Dash

Running On ocean Surface.

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An insane giant,
moves like heavily drunk,
sometimes runs,
sometimes walk
on the surface of oceans.
Extremely unpredictable
and confusing are his
speed and direction.

Runs and walks
whether tides are high or low.
Progresses at his will
with full liberty
as if has no foe.
At times the spinning arms strong,
at times weak, the center being
occupied by the eye.
Visual and print media declare
that he gathers and accumulates
his strength from
the breast of the sea.

Accompanied by
violent gust of wind,
speed is so very high,
can overturn boats and ships,
undermine them,
very harsh and unkind.

Heavy downpour is his bosom
companion, sky overcast
sun hidden,
sometimes drizzle,
sometimes pitter-patter,
cats and dogs, torrential
and incessant rain.
Governments get ready by
pre-deploying rescue,
relief and evacuation operation.

Governments and inhabitants
in coastal regions
are worried, hurried,
nervous and frightened,
remain watchful and sleepless
when the giant makes
its landfall.
Extensive damage of lives,
infrastructures, properties
and standing crops are
back-breaking to reinstall.

All transports halted,
power and water supply
life is hard and painful
especially for the poor.
The rich, in towns, book
rooms in luxurious hotels
to tide over the period
Where there is facility
for powerful
inverters and generators.
Trees uprooted, trunks broken
electric poles pile upon the roads
like the beheaded soldiers
prostrate in the battle ground.
Helter skelter of leaves,
twigs and branches compel
people to remain home bound.

Creates havoc and hunger,
forecasters and meteorologists
call this giant as tropical cyclone,
super-cyclone when wind speed
exceeds man's imagination
and estimation.
Nomenclature of tropical cyclones
like Fani, Titly, Amphan, Hud-hud
jawad etc. are predetermined
by eight countries,
Bangladesh, India, Maldives,
Myanmar, Srilanka, Oman
and Pakistan.
I have the nightmarish
experience of all above
Super-cyclone and Fani
had maximal affliction.

Cyclone and super cyclone cause anxiety and devastation.
Rose Marie Juan-austin 11 December 2021

A brilliant depiction of a cyclone. I can feel the power of this nightmare through your powerful words and great images.

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Nabakishore Dash 11 December 2021

Gratitude to you for your inspiring and encouraging impetus Madam Rose.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 11 December 2021

I was born in a tropical country where we experienced hundred of storms in a year. We are in the same boat. The devastation brought about by a strong typhoon will cripple a nation.

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David Wood 07 February 2022

The force of nature can be so overwhelming with cyclones, earthquakes, especially when they create tsunami's that humans are inevitably overwhelmed.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 11 January 2022

Revisiting this wonderful poem. So vividly and beautifully presented.

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Aarzoo Mehek 15 December 2021

There is a storm in your words churning the brains of the readers. Nice poem.

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Dr. M. Asim Nehal 12 December 2021

Loved the way you described it poetically.5******

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 11 December 2021

A well crafted and expressed poem brilliantly presented.

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