Faded Friendship. Poem by J.A McManus

Faded Friendship.

Rating: 5.0

Running around like maniacs
Me and you the crazy pair
Chasing screaming girls with ribbons
Of red knotted in their hair.
Kicking muddy footballs against
The grey, stony classroom wall
Happy memories of when we
Were so innocent and small.

Lazy, crazy, embarrassing
Adolescent nights and days
Lost in the labyrinths of our own
Private, foggy, zigzagged maze.
Smoking until our minds became
So scattered and always numb
Faded memories of when we
Were so very young and dumb.

A cold, bustling street is now where
We often see each other
But you are no longer my friend
No longer my blood brother.
You’ve become a stranger with a
Familiar voice and face
Perhaps we’ll get our chance again
In another time or place.

Bee Cay 18 December 2009

I really liked this, i was THERE! i liked the exuberance of the first verse, especially. The regret at the end is unbearable, though!

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Yacov Mitchenko 11 November 2009

I can relate to this one. It's strange how a part of you wants to re-connect with the person, but you know it won't happen. Too much has changed. Well crafted piece.

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Luwi Habte 15 September 2009

faded friendship lost for ever not to be repaired or something else nice poem.. God forbid for faded friendship luwi

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John Knight 09 September 2009

Hi John - A very poignant poem about a common but regretful experience. We all become 'Semi-detached suburban Mr Jones in the end! . The rhyme, rhythm and use of words are all excellent. Youth has no boundries - maniacs, chasing, kicking and yet in many respects innocent. Verse two moves on a little - lazy, crazy, lost and smoking. In verse three we grow up and our ways deviate. A sad list of lost friendship. A Stranger with a familiar voice and face. No longer - friend or brother. The last line is optmistic pessimism! 'BUT........... maybe we'll get our chance again in another time or space'. To improve the metre a little: Line 2. Add GIGGLING before screaming. Line 3. Drop OF Line 6. Add ALL before LOST. Line 7. Change - Smoking, scattering our minds until they were numb. Line 10. OK. Change to - But you no longer are my friend and no longer my brother. Best wishes - I'll score it TEN.

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J.A McManus

J.A McManus

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