Empires (A Free Verse Poem.) Poem by J.A McManus

Empires (A Free Verse Poem.)

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Empires are like the vast waves
Upon a never ending ocean of time
They start off humbly before rising
Out of the gloom of their origins.

Forever reaching up towards the
Sacred searing light of the heavens
Searching for a promise of power
That is never found, or fully realized.

Those that bare witness to it can
Only marvel at it’s sheer decadence
And it’s raw, unlimited power which
Drives it’s endless, unsatisfied greed.

As quickly as it appeared it sinks away
Into the oblivion of the darkness which
Gave it birth, only for another to follow
In its wake, thus the cycle goes ever on.

Charlotte Riley 26 October 2009

I see what you mean it does remind me exactly of my Undershadow (if you can call it a poem) because we're both talking about the same thing. I remember you saying a while ago it reminded your 'Empires' poem haha I forgot to check it out.

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Angelic Warrior 05 September 2009

precisely! ....that's history! ......so why couldn't they have just told us that and we could have skipped that class...lol......great poem! ....dramatic and sincere! .....fabulous! 10++

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Obinna Eruchie 02 September 2009

Empires rise like the jet soaring to the skies, and fall like jet nose diving to the ground, yet each and every one fail to learn, never to be power drunk. Interesting insight.

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Marcella D 31 August 2009

nice short poem you have here

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J.A McManus

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