Fading Away Poem by Darkangel Flyfree

Fading Away

Rating: 5.0

Fading away
In this abyss of darkness
Never knew who she was
How can you trust?
Believe words that are told
When your whole life
Has been nothing but lies
Lies coming from your own kind
So how can she trust anyone else?
When know not what's real anymore
Is it her heart, her mind?
Who shall she believe now?
When her life is fading away
Always a mistake, never wanted
Never meant to be
Just another tortured soul
Washed up, a waste
For nobody can love a nothing
Existence fading away
Lingering in the distance
No longer fighting
Too tired to go on
So she lay's her body down
To rest, with closed eyes
And fades away in perpetuity
For this is what she wants
To sleep, to rest without coming back
So she takes this blade
With blood soaked wrists
And end what's left
Drown this sorrow
In whatever can be found
No more writing
No more trying to
Make others understand
Done for good
Goodbye world
As she fades away into nothingness
She shall be at peace now

Valerie Dohren 27 August 2012

Very sad and poignant write - well expressed.

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(De Va) 29 October 2012

once she fades into the peace, she will find the reasons her life was as it was, and take with her the lessons on her next journey...all is not lost in death, but sometimes, it is found. so profound.

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Shivani Misra 27 September 2012

Feel sad for the girl: (but this poem is wonderfull.. U hav penned down your thoughts so well.. I m amazed. :) keep sharing.

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 05 September 2012

i love your poetry here. well done.

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It may be just me but fades away into nothingness gives me a strange warm feeling inside. I guess I just feel I know what your saying by she shall be at peace now...anyway thanx for the poem its rich in imagery. I truley enjoyed it

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Shihabudheen K J 29 August 2012

There is little hope left when existence fades away.still my question is who is she

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