Five Godly Gifts In Gold Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

Five Godly Gifts In Gold

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Of all the many, many jewellery gifts in pure gold that I've recieved
only five of them at all any extra special to me
One an extra large pendant in pure gold
in the shape of Masjidun Nabawi
i.e the whole of the Holy prophet's(S.A.W) mosque along with its blessed minarets
that together with the dome make up my gold pendant.

Another, a gold pendant which has a wee-sized mini-Quran in gold casing!

A third an oval-shaped gold pendant with the verse of the throne, the whole of Ayatul Kursi inscribed in pure gold Arabic script on it.

A fourth, a gold pendant with Allah inscribed on it in pure gold Arabic lettering.

The fifth a rectangle shaped gold pendant with another Quranic chapter embossed on it in very tiny gold lettering
such that its hard to make out but it appears to be Sure- Fateha, the Opening chapter of the Quran.

Thus of all the gifts in gold that I've recieved, these 5 the most valuable and precious to me for their value comes from their dear sacred text.
It's obvious that the ones who gifted me these knew of my love for our Creator, His word in verse and His messenger.
The other gifts in gold I got I feel need no special mention for they're carved in mere earthly, material patterns and carvings

I don't even remember the names of all the generous admirers and secret admirers who sent these gifts my way but through this writ if they ever get to read this I say thankyou and God bless you!
I love to wear these gold pendants to ladies parties and functions if they go with the dress.

Now something happened today that made me pen this piece of writing.
I was moving around the house, busy as a bee
wearing the above-mentioned Ayatul Kursi gold pendant in chain locket,
when I noticed the chain had fallen off and to my dismay
was on the floor!
And the gold pendant nowhere to ne seen!
I was flabbergasted to realise that I hadn't even noticed when and where it had slipped off my neck.
Frantically I began searching for the Ayatul Kursi pendant for it had far more value than the gold chain.
I searched and searched fearfully aware from past experience that housemaids had keen eyes of stealth on such costly jewellery.
That instant I simultaneously began to almost think and beseech God that He shouldn't let that precious pendant with His verse and name be somewhere on the floor in desecration, or be lost to someone who would value and treasure it only for its gold carat rather than for its sacred text.
As if in an answer to an unsaid prayer of the heart I was instinctively directed to rush to my bed then.
And there lying safely under the pillow was the verse of the Throne pendant glittering in sanctity in all its halo of holiness
while its gold chain had fallen off much further away on the floor.
Beaming with smiles of truimph I knew I had to be in ablution before touching that.
So! The ordinary gold chain had slipped onto the floor but the Ayatul Kursi pendant had remained aloft and high up on the bed! !
It seemed quite miraculous since pendants are hooked to chains so it falling on the bed while the chain dropping off in another place was remarkable.
I've lost quite a few gifts of ordinary gold earrings and chains while walking outdoors, beyond retrieval, on streets and roads
so my happiness at this lost and found was imaginable.

Five Godly Gifts In Gold
Saturday, April 29, 2023
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M. Asim Nehal 30 April 2023

This was very fascinating and intriguing piece of writing that kept engrossed till the very end.

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Thanks soo much for gracious comment

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Kevin Patrick 11 August 2023

Its not the item that has its worth its the memories and the feelings it conjures within us that have value. To see how this simple gold gift means to you is a wonderful insight to who you are. Such a well crafted poem Zaynab, so glad to have found it!

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M.J. Lemon 01 May 2023

When gold can remind us of greater things, that is amazing. A most excellent verse.

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Aw thanks soo much for a heartwarming great comment dear.!

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 30 April 2023

I love it Zaynab It's wonderful

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Warmest thanks for kind nice comment dear

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M. Asim Nehal 30 April 2023

They are not, in my opinion, intended for engraving in gold or other precious metals or for display.

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s.zaynab kamoonpury 30 April 2023

The verses and name of God might not be meant for engraving in gold but its also not forbidden as long as you respect them, its good to display them, the more people read them everywhere the better.

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M. Asim Nehal 30 April 2023

I firmly believe in Almighty ALLAH SWT, His messengers, Books, Angels....and these revelations are meant for reading, understanding, following and forwarding to those who are ignorant and to apply/use them in our daily practice

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s.zaynab kamoonpury

s.zaynab kamoonpury

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