The Ravishing Rain Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

The Ravishing Rain

Rating: 4.9

Drizzling dazzling
like splinters of diamond
Shards of crystal
or  liquidized glass!
Transparent drops
from a translucent sky.
Ooh, that lucid lustre: no wonder they say,
there's something sexy about the rain
Atleast it does seem to drive dripping lovers insane.

And then as if frenzied, excited all of a sudden,
the drizzle converts into a heavy downpour
as thunders bellow and thunders roar
as rivers swell and rivers soar.

Rain battering on your rooftop
like needless war drums
or drumming bass drums
The heavens having opened
to announce a cloud burst
Till it's said to be raining cats and dogs
or more realistically, fishes and frogs!

O' God bless the nimbus
Those soaking cotton wool puffs in the sky
Those candy floss rainclouds sailing by.
And when I glance down at a river
and then up at the rain
I prove to myself cheerily that what goes up
comes down again.

Ah, but if at all peeved you are by Mr. Slish slosh
I beg yah, pray don't send it to faraway Spain
Come on just you get out your mackintosh
Ah watch it fall heavily and then wane.

For rainfall it is that cleansing moisturizer rainshower
needed to spring-clean garden and bower
so nature's buds can open and flower
So droughts can simply disappear and cower.

Ahem, but let's all save water not just bucks for a rainy day
for there're grim predictions of a planet run dry
Whatever may be the reasons for dinosaur extinction
lack of water shouldn't be the one for us nor parched sky!

That said, the sky then for a thumping of his chest
for showing-off nature at her very best
To receive that seven coloured trophy garland
The divine arc and arch of rainbow hues
Compensating as if for the colorless rain.
And now tell me will yah still send it to Spain?
Wön't yah sing for it to 'drop' by again?

The Ravishing Rain
Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: rain drops,rain
Kim Barney 26 January 2022

Some clever wordplay here. I love to hear the rain beating on the roof if I am snug and dry inside!

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 26 January 2022

I do agree there is something sexy about the rain Bravo!

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MAHTAB BANGALEE 27 January 2022

the diamond drops dripping the whole mystical body of the poetic imagination; superb and beautiful poem shared

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Phil J Hambling 27 January 2022

Rain is evocative

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Ruta Mohapatra 27 January 2022

That is a fine narrative! I really like the way the words flow, just like the rain...

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Kevin Patrick 06 April 2022

Rain is alluring, the sound of a rainstorm is like the ancient choir of the planet singing. an enchanting read.

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Michael Hopkins 07 March 2022

Beautiful images. A well penned poem

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Cowboy Ron Williams 06 March 2022

The earth loves the rain, as it is the source of all plant life, and thus all other life on this sphere. Very pleasing poem.

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Chris Ryan 25 February 2022

A fantastic poem.

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Susan Williams 20 February 2022

as Kim Barney points out--a joyful wordplay going on in this very introspective look at God's rain---top marks and I faved this

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