I Love The Sea My Way Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

I Love The Sea My Way

Rating: 4.8

I would've perhaps liked to swim in you O' sea
only if sharks and octopi didn't inhabit thee

Perhaps I would've swum and dived deeper in glee
if piranhas and sting rays couldn't attack me!

I would've gone far a' seafaring
with a daredevil like daring
if jellyfish in seas weren't thriving
I would've loved to go scuba-diving

But since at sea such dangers lurk
I shan't be shark chow in marine murk!

So I'm content with reading, watching aquatic seafaring tales
of olden ships, wrecked vessels, treasure troves and blue whales

But on a sandy beach I can sit all day
The sight of water so refreshing I must say

I've a feeling O' God you like water too
for most of the earth you covered in water true

So in the ebbing tide salt water I'm content just splashing my feet
A rare starfish, crabs and seaweed to meet

Perhaps if I'd been brave like my sister I would've braved the depths of the ocean
for she's scared of nothing, not bats or swordfish, except for 'roaches in flying motion.

I Love The Sea My Way
Kim Barney 01 June 2015

Great lighthearted look at life in the ocean. Enjoyed reading it very much. I can relate to your fears, as you will understand if you read my poem ENCOUNTER WITH A CREATURE. Thanks for sharing.

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Kevin Patrick 15 January 2014

Yikes! don't work at a tourist bureau or you'll scare off the customers. A great vision and finely writing, I have only seen the ocean three times in my life, and I must admit the strangeness of looking on the horizon and seeing endless sea, and diving into the salt water for the first time was an amazing experience. You are a delightful writer with original idea.

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Eugene Levich 05 September 2014

This is the third poem of yours I've read... and loved! I have just added you to my (very short!) list of favorite poets!

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Roseann Shawiak 31 October 2014

Totally enjoyed reading your poem, imagery was fantastic, I felt like I was feeling all of these emotions and not wanting to meet up with any of these sea creatures, like the sharks and piranha! Great gentle humor throughout also. Thank you for sharing this amusing and well composed poem. RoseAnn

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Ken E Hall 24 March 2015

Loved the way you love the sea minus all the nasty' s...have seen sharks under the sea from a steel cage still scary but safe and the only way...as the poem goes on the beach view is a sure fire inner...lovely to read...regards

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Kim Barney 10 February 2022

Have read and commented on this before. Very enjoyable reading. I've never been attacked by sharks or piranhas, but I HAVE been stung by a sting ray!

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Maria Mitea 24 November 2021

Great work, s.z!

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Thomas Case 23 November 2021

Very good job, I enjoyed this.

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Smoky Hoss 15 March 2021

Beautiful poem, wonderful vision.

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bri edwards 08 February 2021

Best wishes. bri ;)

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s.zaynab kamoonpury

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