Five Senses Poem by Judith Wright

Five Senses

Rating: 3.2

Now my five senses
gather into a meaning
all acts, all presences;
and as a lily gathers
the elements together,
in me this dark and shining,
that stillness and that moving,
these shapes that spring from nothing,
become a rhythm that dances,
a pure design.

While I'm in my five senses
they send me spinning
all sounds and silences,
all shape and colour
as thread for that weaver,
whose web within me growing
follows beyond my knowing
some pattern sprung from nothing-
a rhythm that dances
and is not mine.

Bernard F. Asuncion 06 July 2017

These shapes that spring..... Thanks for posting....

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Edward Kofi Louis 06 July 2017

Sounds and silences! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 06 July 2017

Beautiful poem on senses. Thanks for sharing and congratulation for poem of the day.

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Seamus O Brian 06 July 2017

Personally I am not a fan of over-abstraction in poetry, so I don't take as much from this piece as others might, although I did enjoy the metaphor of the web-like weaving of sensory impressions.

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Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek 17 February 2019

Nice poem. Congrats for selection for POD/

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Dawn Cocks 10 April 2021

Dancing to the music of sensory experience.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 10 April 2021

3) Congratulations that Poem Hunter and Team had chosen this poem. A greatest honor!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 10 April 2021

2) but it is not easy in reality: this to me is heavy artillery, deep very deep philosophy, but a boundless thought-provoking poem, a masterpiece by this great poetess, it commands respect, an incredibly fascinating poem! Congratulations

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Sylvia Frances Chan 10 April 2021

If I may conclude: The web grows within you, but without your knowledge, a pattern follows came out of nowhere a rhythm that dances and is not yours this poem is very easy to read,

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Savita Tyagi 14 November 2019

Beautiful poem. A rhythm that dances and is not mine.......Just wonderful!

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Judith Wright

Judith Wright

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