Fly Poem by hassan hayati


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Once saw a bird in the cage
Singing like a sad opera singer on the stage
Larynx roaring while the Eyes closed
He might be thinking of flying, I supposed
Opened the doors, I gave him the chance
But he just sat and thought, without even a glance
Leave this prison, open your wings
You can be the king of kings
A mockery smile he made
No more to my help was paid
As if seeing a mate phantom
Said the color of desire has left my heart sanctum
The sky is likely blue and wide
The wings are instrument on air I ride
What the fly needs is desire
Without desire the heaven is full of fire

Saturday, July 13, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: desire
Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 02 November 2020

To fly - another beautiful poem that i read today written by you dear Hassan. To fly one has to have a dream, a desire, an intention, an incentive! " What the fly needs is desire Without desire the heaven is full of fire" ........Superb.....Top stars. Thank you so much for visiting my page to read a poem, dear Poet Hassan. God bless you.

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Liza Sudina 28 July 2019

Very beutiful poem! and the picture of flying birds too!

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Hassan Hayati 28 July 2019

your attention is appreciated, thanks for your time spending on my writings.

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Amir Marandi 14 July 2019

An invaluable message in a great imagery. Very well expressed. " What the fly needs is desire" and what is needed in this life journey is hope. Thank you for sharing.

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Hassan Hayati 19 July 2019

thank you Amir jan. I was late to reply, I was in a summer trip, you always encourage me by nice comments. Mercy.

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Jane Campion 14 July 2019

One of the best poems I have read for awhile. Beautifully written.

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Hassan Hayati 14 July 2019

My appreciations Jane, I am here to learn. but thanks for your encouraging words.

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