A Poem For A True Friend, My Friend Poem by the poet

A Poem For A True Friend, My Friend

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Time does pass us by so very fast,
Only a moment’s pause, dawn is dusk,
But the moments we had will surely last,
Till the day these bones are dust.

The stars above light the night sky,
Cheering the moon, joyful as can be,
I promise you, our friendship is no lie,
You are my true friend, a part of me.

Though these words can hardly describe,
How strong the bond of you and I,
Never shall I bow down to fate and chance,
That will change my heart for you.

So long as I can breathe the air around me,
I will cherish you, my friend, for eternity…

David Harris 12 October 2007

Alex, this is a wonderful poem of friendship. When you get friends keep them close. Brilliant write. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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Meggie Gultiano 12 October 2007

A nice tribute to a real friend. Please dont ever lose that friendship. Alex..You must treasure it.Nice write..thanks for sharing, Alex hugs, Meggie

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Esperanza Perez 08 August 2022


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Ron Flowers 30 December 2008

A nice sonnet, Alex. Regards Ron

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John Tiong Chunghoo 09 June 2008

i love your lively words. it is great. keep it up alex.

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Blue Angel 22 March 2008

I am in love with your poetry! ! This is fantastic!

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Black Maverick 12 February 2008

Thank you for expressing yourself and your bond you share wit this friend fight not to lose it you make it sound worth while

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