Loneliness Poem by the poet


Rating: 4.4

Looking out my broken window,
I saw people together,
While I walk alone,
With only my own as family.

I walk a lonely road,
one that is full of darkness,
with the whispering trees,
far on the other side,
mocking me.

My reflection on the shallow water,
A sad face of sorrow and grieving,
Couldn’t find my way,
In the sea of loneliness,
Drifting me afar,
Carrying me away,
From the moonlight shadow.

I pray everyday,
That someone will find me,
Pulling me away from this lonesome dwelling,
I hope heaven will be my destination,
But if I’m hellbound,
Whatever lets go down.

Malini Kadir 15 May 2007

Alex your poem touched my lonely soul......awake to reach out to you..... So bid goodbye to lonesomeness will you?

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Fred Johnson 25 May 2007

i think this is a great poem it comes from the heart of lonelyness...and honesty!

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toruk macto 21 September 2008

This is a nice one. I enjoy reading it.

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Linda Weischedel 23 December 2007

Very, very touching Alex.... I actually feel your pain. Always, Linda

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 12 October 2007

VERY VERY nice. I like it so much it inspired a poem I've written.

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Peter Stavropoulos 19 June 2007

Very moving poem, Alex, as is all your work. Straight from the heart. I liked the twist at the end, it added to the poignancy. Don't be too down hearted, though, I'm sure your sincerity will find its match.

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Sandra Wiebe 15 June 2007

amazing poem alex i can also relate to this poem because when i was younger i was very lonly i had not one friend and i sat alone to eat my lunch and i was watching all the other kids in my gread have fun and play games with eatch other and i wanted to feel loved like that.

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