For E.N.

Rating: 5.0

He took it all,
well packed
and planned.
The talents and
exotic skills,
a voice,
that look,
and his own melody
of soft tranquillity,
which always was
(as if it needed time)
a patient herald of a bell
tolled just for you
He left a gap,
a gorge that Moses would
not have believed,
but when the angels came
he was prepared
to take their hands
and leave his mother earth
forever now.

A glance, into her eyes,
reflecting promises
of a mysterious unknown.
Wrapped up in memories
and that Manuka Sweetness of
a solemn whisper from
a future yet to come.

Gina Onyemaechi 10 November 2006

I've only just found out about this sad news. Words of healing and warmth here, Herbert. Ernestine deserves nothing less.

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Duncan Wyllie 06 November 2006

This is such a kind thing to do, to share in her grief and lift her with your kindness Herbert, this is a very good thing to have shared Love duncan X

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Scarlett Treat 06 November 2006

What a beautiful, tender and loving tribute for Ernestine. I know that this will bring peace to her sad heart.

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Francesca Johnson 06 November 2006

A lovely tribute to our dear friend Ernestine in her sad loss of Anthony. Francesca

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