For The Love Of Luna Poem by Susan Lacovara

For The Love Of Luna

Rating: 4.8

Like a moth drawn to an open flame,
I follow the glorious moon
that hangs so low tonight,
I swear I can reach up...and steal it
to wear on my naked ring finger
pretty as a pearl
Absent this eve, her usual silver,
for she choose to bathe in gold, instead,
and rises overhead
like the fabled Great Pumpkin
to announce Autumn' s arrival

For the love of Luna,
I have long been a secret admirer
connecting to her gravitational pull
that can not only shift the tides direction
But can also steer my soul.
Beauty knows no greater light
than that which streams from her ever watchful face
As she, a beacon, beckons I give my full attention
while guiding my dreams of grandeur,
no matter how eclipsed they seem,
So that I may one day know
What lies beyond this life...

Like a giant Sicilian Orange
suspended in the black velvet sky,
Deliciously enticing lovers to join hands
and stroll the south shore sands...
In a passing whisper I hear the strains
Of Italian love songs
My father used to sing....
And again, tonight, I wish I could reach
on tiptoes, up towards heaven...
Only this time, that I might find his hand.

Written 9/20/13 while watching the incredible Harvest Moon rise
against the beautiful backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean...I still look for the man in the moon...and found myself missing my father singing Jimmy Roselli the moon and love goes along. What a sense of calm, and connection, the moon provides me..I always say...'it's the
same moon we share, no matter the distance between'. Share it with someone you love...and be warmed by her glow.
Unwritten Soul 20 September 2013

This is amazing write...Luna is always my amazement in nature, with stars that give company..This writing is so beautiful and it really well done Susan.loved it_Soul

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Dee Corpolongo 18 January 2015

This is an amazingly beautiful write, and on my most favorite subject....The Moon. I love the Moon, the Stars, and the Sun in the sky, all of Natures beauty, no one can deny. I also remember the Italian songs from my youth, and my parents always singing to them, and this is the truth. Thanks for bringing back some amazing and much loved memories, of my past, ....Ones I can say, they forever will last. Ciao!

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Daniel Brick 13 June 2014

(cont'd) becomes the guardian of your soul, steering it on its true course, in a gentle intervention into one person's life. But it does more to help you - it nurtures the DREAMS OF GRANDEUR which one day will be fulfilled when you learn WHAT LIES BEYOND THIS LIFE. The moon is providing the threshold. And finally the 3rd stanza focuses on LOVE - your picture in this passage reminded me of my later lovers walking BENEATH THE HALF TURNED PAGES OF THE MOON. We have both emphasized the moon as a romantic symbol. But your theme of love also expresses a marvelously tender father and daughter rapport which casts its spell long after we finish reading your poem. In fact, the whole poem resonates and makes us appreciate both Nature and human nature. This poem shows us why WE cannot live without poetry. It's that complete a poetic experience!

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Daniel Brick 13 June 2014

The beauty of this MOON POEM has washed over me, and if it were Autumn I would be paralyzed by the twin bonds of the season and its moon. But since it is Spring, I can be objective and admire the craft of your writing. In the 1st stanza the moon is very close, almost a companion, and colors predominate with the special golden glow. The 2nd stanza is philosophical in import. In this passage the moon is a distant celestial object of awesome power, namely the tides. And I love that gentle VOLTA when the master of the tides (see next box)

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Anthony Burkett 03 February 2014

As facinating as the lure of the moon herself... a delight to read...

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Khairul Ahsan 21 September 2013

An amazing poem with an amazing note, loved every word of it. Like you, I also looked at the full moon on the same day, invited some friends on my rooftop leisurely passed some beautiful moments.

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