Ashes Of Old Lovers Poem by Susan Lacovara

Ashes Of Old Lovers

Rating: 4.8

There it laid
what remained
of your snuffed out cigar
Just lying there...
Left behind...
Like me...
Like what we had...
Like what it was
When it was us...

The air, stale..
The ashes, coal like
burned out dust
Piled purposely
a sure and sudden demise
There, before my eyes
The ashes of old lovers
To be dumped...
rinsed way...

But first, I light it...
Set fire to it's end
inhale, and hold the thick
unforgiving smoke...
Drawing deep
the pungent pleasure...
And exhale...

(10/04/13) how it feels to finally realize you are ready to let go...and exhale........
Mervyn Graham 03 March 2014

I think if I was to compile a poetry book this would be one of the first entries. Great work in the first reading and I may return for a second helping soon.

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Dorothy- A. Holmes 21 April 2015

Love the passion! Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing

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Soul Watcher 03 June 2015

REALLY a nice pretty poem, Thanks for sharing. Adding to my favorites: -)

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Melissa Tamayo 04 June 2015

I am enjoying your work, very nice poem

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Sally Plumb Plumb 12 June 2015

Really enjoyable. Pictures in my mind.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 26 January 2022

Exactly, the ashes of old lovers should be treated the way poetess has opined... wonderful poem.

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Dr Antony Theodore 08 May 2020

Left behind... Like me... Like what we had... Like what it was When it was us... unforgiving smoke........ your wounds, and ur decison to let go...... wonderful. tony

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C F 06 June 2019

Like the ashes of old loves, your poem will remain to haunt your readers, even when we exhale a deep sigh of sadness.10+

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Sandra Feldman 26 April 2019

One of the wonders of poetry is that the brilliant ones, the immensely well created and deeply felt ones, Never grow old! This one, that you so emotionally and poignantly wrote, won't get old either. Great poem!

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Lodigiana Poetess 18 April 2019

This is just brilliant! ! I love the wonderful imagery and how the words just draw one in and live the experience..thank you so much for sharing +10 Lodigiana x

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