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Forever - Poem by Arielle Friese

Love is as strong as death.
Don't forget it. Ever. It's as strong.
Not stronger. Love can't 'win' against death.
Your death, the death of my loved one, can be my death too.
If I love you so much,
Will I bear living without you?
You're so far away.

My memories of your soft lips and cute smile,
These, besides in my dreams, I'll never feel or see again,
It's just so much pain.
Before you passed away,
You said you loved me, you said you'd always be with me.
Told me to be strong, to keep on living,
And maybe find a new one.
But I know you'll always be the one,
And no one else can make me happy.
I know I can't go on.

And then, I argue daily with my conscience,
Should I keep my promise?
Stay here, all alone, without my love.
I promised I wouldn't kill myself.
But we'd made another promise:
We'd be together. For Ever.
And if anyone ever tried to tear us apart,
We'd runaway.
Runaway to California.

My life is nothing without you.
I made my promise, you made yours.
Together. Forever. No tearing us apart.
You left me, but you're still here.
But still, I can't feel your lips.
And that's the deal: I must be with you. Completely. Emotionally and
So, I get an airplane ticket,

And go straight to California.
I drive to the beach,
With all my lyrics and poems written all to you in hand,
I throw them to the wind, they go along with the waves,
As they disappear on the horizon, I hope you can read them now.
Sorry I never showed you, words weren't enough to show you my feelings.
But you know I loved you. Even though we never really went to far.
Just deep kisses, never more than that.
We were, and I am, still really young, but now, the chance is gone.

With tears coming down my eyes,
I run straight to the hotel room.
Wishing I could be locking lips with you.
I lay awake in the king sized bed,
Wishing I could be hugging you there like a teddy bear.
This bed is too empty without you.
My life is too empty without you.
Razor blades are way too attractive for me now.

And now I really don't see how
I can keep up my promise now.
I gave you my heart,
Now I'll make it stop beating for you
I know you didn't want it to be this way.
But you're someone that I can't be away.
Love doesn't hurt at all,
as you may be thinking now.

Love was the best thing to me,
It does not hurt at all.
And the hurt that I feel
It's caused by the pain of missing you.
Love didn't cause this.
Death caused this.
Love is as strong as death.
Death took you away from me.
I tried to fight it,

But love, even though my love for you is really strong, unbelievably strong,
It couldn't fight death. It couldn't win.
So my love for you can't bring you back here, to me.
But my love can bring me to you.
Love is as strong as death.
Death can't win against love.
Death can't kill my love.
But Love couldn't save you from death.
Now I've decided which promise is more important.

Being with you, forever, together.
Is what I want the most right now.
With our music playing as soundtrack in the background,
I press the razor blade to my wrists,
Slashing them open.
Blood is everywhere,
Then everything went black.
After the black is gone,
And the pain is done,

I see you, waiting for me,
On the horizon of the California sea.
You're down in a knee,
Looks like a proposal,
But it's not marriage.
Cause death can't tear us apart.
Together, forever.
Your lips locked to mine.


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  • Anil Kumar Panda (4/26/2012 7:02:00 AM)

    what a beautiful poem! ! ! Full of love and emotion it flows so nice.liked it Arielle. (Report) Reply

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