My Life In Black And White Poem by Arielle Friese

My Life In Black And White

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My life is black and white
I am not happy so why have color
my favortie thing to do is hurt me
so why have color why?

ill draw a picture
but not with crayons

ill draw a picture
a picture with a twist
ill draw it with a razor blade
ill draw it on my wrist

And when i am done and finished
with my picture ill try to hide it
with a sleve or bracelets.

But if they dont work
i still am in trouble and not a single color in my life
just black and white
what fun is that

so i add some fun
by drawing on my

Chidori Storm 21 December 2011

This is a really touching poem. Don't stop writing. I can actually feel your pain through your poems.

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Unwritten Soul 20 October 2011

I guess many people feel this way..i saw many of poem talked about this....Your poem really good feel like how pain you endure and feel inside..but if just black and white, i guess razor blade not enough...cancel it..please using gives you many choices of pigments...LOL it will be wonderful drawing hahahaha :) Keep bright there are many colors between black just not noticed it_Unwritten Soul

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Crimson Love 16 October 2011

ah to be the emotionless black and white, yet the cuts give the color of crimson? Blood fills the colors in which makes up our lives.......Beautiful poem.

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Shaikh Haneef 14 October 2011

u must wait, rather doing all this it's not that only a girl has a pain, wht u will get while doing all this stuff be happy make other happy, don't leave for the one who u love but leave for the who love's u, , then only u can feel love, hurting urself is not the answer for the question's in ur life u must take help of ur close friend for the same, coz friend's always help each other as broken soul said that someone in this would wait for her, u must also feel the same, some is there for u on this earth............

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Broken Soul 14 October 2011

thats exactly how i feel. it seems like nothing is really good to even exist on earth anymore. why would it even matter that your alive? thats how i feel a lot. i just dont care anymore. but i know that someone in this world cares about me and it would break their heart if i was gone. the same for you too

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