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The color of crimson
covers my wrist
as I sit and try to stop it

I believed u loved me and i think u beleved it to
but then one day u tore my heart out
and broke it ripped it to pieces

My saphier eyes
cry for you.

As i sit here and wonder where you are i dream about you and i togethar.

But when i see you don't actually love me it breaks my heart.
Why dont you love me anymore my dear loved one?

Today u saif hello
but now i wonder
when will you say
good bye.

You want me to act
like we've never kissed
you want to forget
pretend we never meet

I think I like you
but maybe I love you.
How do I know
my hearts been

My life is black and white
I am not happy so why have color
my favortie thing to do is hurt me
so why have color why?


All i want is you dont u understand.
You left me for my friend..
Why cant i have u for christmas
It will be all i ask for nothing more.


As my last breath comes
i await the kiss
the last kiss of u and me
the kiss of death

it hurts so much
why do i keep doing it
I dont know because it helps my pain.

Once apon a time
I believed you loved me
and that was my mistake


Why do i still love you
I think about you all the time

Everytime i see you my heart

Why do i still love you
I think about you all the time

Everytime i see you my heart

There are 2 sides to all stories
but i dont know which one to believe
your everything i want in life
but you tell me you love me but you are with

how could you leave me like this
i am alone in the cold with no one to hold.

we loved each other once but does that mean it will


Dont play me as stupied
dont lead me on and then stop

Dont tell me u like me if u dont

Love is as strong as death.
Don't forget it. Ever. It's as strong.
Not stronger. Love can't 'win' against death.
Your death, the death of my loved one, can be my death too.

I promise to love you forever
I promise to never let you go
I Promise to tell you everything
I promsie to trust you with my life

I keep running from the truth because i'm scared to find out what the truth is. I'm terrifeid to find out becuase I know that the truth is gonna kill me. But I need to stop runnint and finally confront the truth. NO matter how horriblle it is I need to know. Hopefully the truth will help me move on. Hopefully I will be able to get over you once and for all. I wish it didnt have to be this way I wish we could go back to the way things used to be but nothing ever goes the way i want it to go,

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The color of crimson
covers my wrist
as I sit and try to stop it

Why wont it stop did
I slice to deep?
did I hit a vein?

I must have because
my floor is coverd in blood
the room is spinning out
and I am going cold.

The last thing i hear before i went limp
was my moms voice saying why did
she do this to her self

and she doesnt know i di it because of her

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Josh Menard 29 February 2012

I've read three of your poems, and they all have to do with loving someone, but the other person doesn't love you back...thats deep, a lonely, depressing deep feeling...just how I feel.

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