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The color of crimson
covers my wrist
as I sit and try to stop it

I Believed You

I believed u loved me and i think u beleved it to
but then one day u tore my heart out
and broke it ripped it to pieces

Cry For You

My saphier eyes
cry for you.

Love Me

As i sit here and wonder where you are i dream about you and i togethar.

But when i see you don't actually love me it breaks my heart.
Why dont you love me anymore my dear loved one?

Hello-Good Bye

Today u saif hello
but now i wonder
when will you say
good bye.

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Josh Menard 29 February 2012

I've read three of your poems, and they all have to do with loving someone, but the other person doesn't love you back...thats deep, a lonely, depressing deep feeling...just how I feel.

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