Hello-Good Bye Poem by Arielle Friese

Hello-Good Bye

Rating: 4.5

Today u saif hello
but now i wonder
when will you say
good bye.

Today you told me
you loved me
but now i wonder
long will that last

Today i knew it would come
you said good bye
and now i lay here crying

Today you told me you hated me
and i knew you wouldnt
love me forever

So now i lay here
crying myself to sleep
because i let you in and fell to
fast now im the one hurt not you

Unwritten Soul 20 October 2011

This is so good...i guess it's something that talk very detail even it was written in not too long...the expression just really cool..i feel real and yes it might be real from your heart, but your hand make it alive in poetry...nice one_Unwritten Soul

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Shaikh Haneef 20 October 2011

it's really a hurting poem but u need to understand that u don't allow every one to get in.....

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Crimson Love 21 October 2011

Beautiful poem, embrace the hurt, it can only make you stronger.

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K .w 21 October 2011

Very heartfelt awesome write! (:

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Robert Roberts 21 December 2011

we all have those days where all gets questioned

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Chidori Storm 21 December 2011

You shouldn't believe that every man you meet will eventually leave you. This is a good poem. Don't stop writing.

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Didier Saidi 21 November 2011

i like this too, i relate

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Poet Of The River 22 October 2011

: '(how traumatic. good poem tho, great use of emotion.

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Romeo Della Valle 21 October 2011

Amazing! I really love this powerful write that clearly translates the outburst of your heart and at the same time shows your great poetic talent! You are very young, talented and strong! You will survive and I know that you will keep inspiring the World with more such poignant writes! 10+++ God Bless You! Love and Peace for always!

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