It Just Growed And Growed Poem by rachael richmond

It Just Growed And Growed

Rating: 5.0

i set myself a challenge
to write about the first thing i saw
when i opened my eyes....

it was a hairbrush.

that hairbrush became
a catalyst, a tool,
to carry my imagination
to the full.

then the poem took over,
it started to write
itself, unled,
it just bled words
onto the screen
words i'd never seen

and it just growed and growed,
it flowed, at great speed
to form a read
of sorts.

it twisted and turned,
became its own thing
its own entity
i was just an on-looker
hooked on
to its gruesome content.

but i was content
to let it live its own life
and run away with itself.

and when it was done
i found it had been one
of those fun things
i will do again,
and again.

Bob Oldfield 17 June 2007

Oh yes, I can relate to this - starting off thinking I'm headed one way and find myself somewhere else... what a great subject for a poem - a great articulation of that amazing journey that we who try to write often embark upon! Thanks, Rachael Bob

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David Harris 13 March 2007

Rachael, brilliant composition here. My writing always takes on a life of its own. I never know the outcome until the pencil slips from my fingers and says that's it, no more. Lovely poem with a easy to read flow. I loved it. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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Brian Dorn 28 February 2007

Good stuff, Rachael... I often feel the same way when I write. Very well done! ! Brian

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Duncan Wyllie 19 February 2007

And I'm glad you did, it would seem that you too have a great sense of humour, fun to be around kind of a girl Thankyou for sharing your art Love duncan x

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Not a member No 4 18 February 2007

Real magic. You'd swear at times that this poem is talking about itself! ! Very clever and entertaining Rachael. xx jim

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