Four Liners 1-10 Poem by Indira Renganathan

Four Liners 1-10

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1 Dust

Everything has to breathe and live
Even the dust particle of the earth
What's dust..? of which we're made to live..
To which we're destined to shed last our sheath

2 Twilight

Heaven's two shifts of heavenly job daily
Ere the sun is fully above the skyline
Ere the sun is fully below the skyline
A moment God descends to bless us daily

3 Nature

Nature is God's first manifestation
Nature is all colourful creation
Nature is the protector of the earth
Nature is God the protector of earth

4 Full Moon

A far away silver plate full of bliss and peace
To show the kids to sup without any menace
A heartiest space where lovers like to embrace
Dreams apart a far planet hard to reach and pace

5 Soil

Soil is the upper layer of mother earth
Where upon life sprouts to grow nurtured by air
Water and heat and grown to die to have rebirth
Soil helps us to live with food, clothes and shelter

6 Hill

A raised land praised for its mountaineous thrill
With much green rich in life that spreads to fill
Silence with trance of colourful birds' trill
Falls, breeze and beasts sound; yet hill stands there still

7 Rainbow

The sun rays..the rain drops..shake their hands..magic
An array of seven colours displayed
Bent to bow before the Lord of the vast
Rain gone..rain bow gone..all's well by God's logic

8 Grass

A single grass plant is an infant in your palm
A lawn of grass plants is a bed for your sleep
Soft and gentle like a baby's smile dancing
Gentle and graceful in green and sunshine calm

9 Brook

A narrow stream of water much smaller than a river
With its mouth from the hill flowing across the land
With green spread on either bank.. lovers' secret demand
Kids' play field and old people's musing spot as peace giver

10 Ocean

Earth's hydrosphere..a vast expanse of all waters
The seas and land's all water resources make the ocean
Happy about her many uses to the life of whole earth
But what pain makes her holler..? let us pray for that matter

Rose Marie Juan-austin 19 September 2022

Each and every line is woven with logic. So discerning that tickles the mind.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 19 September 2022

Brilliant four liners from a great thinker! Liked all of these four liners. Very perceptive write. To my favorites.

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