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*ganguly The Great!

Rating: 2.9

Ganguly- the great, Sourav- the ' fab '
Will be ever green in the cricket map!

One is never bigger than the game
But sure you are bigger than its fame!

Thousands like me never seen face to face
In our minds you face never an erase!

In life you have seen the thick and thin

In million hearts never you were thin!
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Vidi Writes 11 January 2009

'The Great' are many But Ganguly.... Showed one and all Hows is to 'Rise Above All' The sheer courage and will power Rampaged in field of cricket. Deat Poet... A great Tribute I say.. this write is all about. I am with you... full of praise For this poem and to Ganguly.

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Great story like poem!

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Kite Remedy 03 December 2008

i don't quite understand since i believe it is culture related, but i love your words, it's enough to give me imagery about how great Ganguly is. thanks for sharing..

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Kesav Easwaran 23 November 2008

a good tribute to Sourav Ganguly the great indian cricketer... he was a relentless warrior a brave leader and a brawny hard nut for his cricketing opponents...the game will miss him a lot...thanks for sharing 10

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Geetha Jayakumar 21 August 2013

Lovely tribute to Cricketer Ganguly..Beautifully you have expressed. Loved reading it.

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Narayanan Ramakrishnan 21 February 2011

Ganguly was the best. Never afraid to call spade a spade, he is a role model. You could have written more. That's his claibre. great write.

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Gita Ashok 08 June 2010

What wondefrul tribute to one of the finest cricketers of our times! A brlliant write, indeed.

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Surya . 14 May 2009

a fitting tribute to a spirited player.voted 10 surya

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 30 April 2009

A wonderful tribute to the wonderful player..............good write..............

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