****gazzah Calls**** Poem by samar halabi

****gazzah Calls****

Rating: 3.1

No body listen
Nobody feels
No body even
Try to relieve
there are nohearts
there are no souls
Gazzah under fire
Gazzah calls
where are the values
where are the hearts
come on sotp this
Comedy and take it off
Life is endding
there is no doubt
How could any one
Handel that
how could any
hand make that
how could any
heart allow that
that is not fair.....
Calling the world.......
please stop that....

Tom Balch 09 January 2009

If only they would listen,10 regards Tom

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Mehmet YILMAZLAR 11 January 2009

fate of muslims as bosna

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Jihad T 15 January 2009

whoever you call is soulless

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Yasser Koor 31 January 2009

chlide alone a hearts of stone just watching............ i dream for one peace night with no war and shining light. childe alone and mother alone just crying good poem u r right Why we can't see the peace plz read mine 'god are you there? ? ''

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Doha Ewiess 26 January 2009

A wonderfull poem that really describes what was happening there....May God give liberity to Palastine..... keep on writing dear

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Sadiqullah Khan 20 January 2009

Voice coming from the heart, , emotional and streight, , well penned a 10

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sumaira .....ir 20 January 2009

Yes dear it's a v serious issue nicely said in yer beautifully write poem... Good job!

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~ Jon London ~ 16 January 2009

Syrian, If your prayers were answered....wouldn't that be so perfect...maybe someone will listen in time....keep the faith...the world needs love and not war to make peace.........10 Best of Health & Happiness Jon London

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