Alive Again.. Poem by samar halabi

Alive Again..

Rating: 3.3

Under the tree I lay dowen
staring & standing
hearing the sounds
looking at the birds the sheep and cows
feeling how fresh air blows
tasting the sweet life by my eyes
counting the stars and
leave all the pain alone
as the moon brights
I breath and feel alife again
what a sweet world we life in
but no one see or feel.......

blue 802 09 July 2008

This is a lovely piece, well done

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Mohammad Al-kurdi 11 July 2008

i see hope i feel peace......what a beautiful piece.

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Sas Na 24 April 2009

beautiful one that sense of serenity in those lines is really inspiring we're waiting for more

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Jihad T 17 January 2009

it isreally see world when u be surrounded by poeple u love thank Syrian give us more

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Connecting with nature through the breath from meditation is a good way to feel serene.lovely poem, very inspiring.Thanks.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 10 August 2008

nature when scintillates by the beauty, sorrow sitll flinches by the colors, .............wonderful paints of art by the colors, wellpenned,10+, thanks for sharing

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Stone Granite 11 July 2008

To escape into natures wonderment is a great place to be - to push aside the pain to do so, makes it all the more sweet. A very nice and uplifting poem - thanks! !

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