Love Story Poem by samar halabi

Love Story

Rating: 3.0

in the summer times
in the winter times
that girl is coming
from her old house
and he say to her
wait me...
and she is waitting...
near the street..
and he goes and
forget her...
near her old house
I loved you...
in the winter time
I loved you...
in the summer time
a stranger came
she gave me a letter
my love written it...
with his sweet tears
of sadness....
I opened the letter
it`s letters are lost
and days have goen
and the years...
made us apart...
and the letters of..
my love letter
the winter has removed it

this poem is an arabian song I translated it into English because I really enjoy it and it is one of the best arabian songs...I hope you like it and I hope I translated it in a good way thanks all for reading it

Mohammad Al-kurdi 19 July 2008

good piece of good

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Jihad T 17 January 2009

I opened the letter it`s letters are lost i like the way you used the meanig in it

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Ashraful Musaddeq 06 September 2008

A beautiful lyric, nice!

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Saverio Terracciano 30 July 2008

The lyric is nice. I'd like to read also the original one, and please, check out for some typos in the translation ;)

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Tom Balch 25 July 2008

Great write, thanx for translating

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Greenwolfe 1962 20 July 2008

This piece demonstrated creativity. It well worth reading and I gave it a 9. GW62

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