******why...The War? ? ***** Poem by samar halabi

******why...The War? ? *****

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why don't we try.... to imagine
a world without war? ?
why don't we try....to feel
the joy and pain..of millions
of people killed every day
why..? peace has been...
such a dream but hard to reach? ?
why...many children are lost alone ever year? ?
why...the great values are hard to be found? ?
why...there is no good sound? ?
why...the sky has been so cloudy? ?
why...our streets are not crowded? ?
Tell me haven't we lost our hearts, our souls and our towns? ? ?

Doha Ewiess 26 January 2009

A great meaningfull poem.....it really tells what do we feel....go ahead and do more

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Tom Balch 11 September 2008

Why indeed, mans inhumanity to his fellow man, well penned.10/10 Tom

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Ashraful Musaddeq 11 September 2008

'Tell me haven't we lost our hearts, our souls and our towns? ? ? ' a beautiful observation. It is a nice poem.

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Yasser Koor 10 September 2008

good poem in good time but i wanna tell you... god is there but we must wait some poeple have heart to love and hate we standing each other but we we we what we can do is pray...

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Koyel Mitra 10 September 2008

Its true that modern world is full of complexities, without simple things.Excellent poem.A full 10 for you.

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