Teenager Feelings Poem by samar halabi

Teenager Feelings

Rating: 3.3

Teenager feelings changing my life
making me love the sky
Sweet feelings complete my days
Taking my breath away
Dancing alone...Calling the phone
With my lovely days while I am staring at the moon
Crazy times go by….
Careless and nonsense things
Smiling and dreaming of wonderful things

Blue Eyes 17 July 2008

i loved it.it talks about the feelings of all teens.

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~ Jon London ~ 23 July 2008

Great piece, teens from all over the world would agree with you here Syrian, it's the parents they love to disagree with......keep expressing your youthful wisdom best wishes Jon

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Emily Oldham 06 September 2008

I agree... love it! Thanks :) Athena xx

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Delicate Heart 30 July 2009

lovely piece, it is absoultely an imitation of our inner feelings,

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Arwen Lee CW 21 March 2009

A real refreshing piece of art. I wish you will keep the warm red heart of teenager no matter what age you are-all the best. :)

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Ershad Mazumder 22 February 2009

Sweet and excellant poem.Right poem for the right time.

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Greenwolfe 1962 18 January 2009

You have captured the feelings of love for all ages. Love feels the same at any age. It is just that teenagers are fresh in their senses and emotions. Your emotions are fresh indeed. Wonderful! GW62

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Dianna Nally 06 September 2008

I really liked your poem. I have been writing for over 20yrs and this is better than alot of experienced writers write. Keep up the good work.: -)

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