God Is Not Perfect Poem by Julia Luber

God Is Not Perfect

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There are certain kinds of people you simply can't write poems about.
A certain nerve of inauthenticity, or perhaps even whole cell-filed of
something fraudulent and so profoundly and obviously untrue, is trig-
gered in your mind: like a mine-field it becomes so fast, like game has
become war and war has become sabotage: so Quickly and so Fast.
And soon and sure enough, your brain has become more the outposts
of weapons. Weapons perhaps against God for ever creating such a waste
of lies on something appearing to us so true as the fact of being human.
Through our own genuine state of being human, we can not escort our
nerves to describing and explaining such a waste of creation. I am offended.
I am disgusted. I am too smart to be fooled. And I don't know if I want
to be smart like this right now. A part of me wants to be fooled: it seems
so fun and out on a roll. A certain nifty polish of the power of the popular
hypnosis starts waltzing around one's sense of self, and sense of what life
in the body humans descritas is all about. Squeeze a poem out of that
crock of fraud at least. You're desperate to have gotten something decent
out of that relationship which only unveiled a sadistic unforgivable crock
of fraud. How painful. How many people are really and truly that cruel?
Did you really allow such an evil sadistic strategic saboteur to be created?
Oh Lord! How could you do such a thing? But smart. Oh yes, the evil cretin
is smart. Perhaps tormentively and geniusly so. Like that evil one indeed.
And so the evil saboteur that God should never have created is smart. And
okay, so quite good looking in that Blue Blood way- untouched by the
squirrels of poverty zapping discomfort and fear on the brain like a torch.
But you can't talk about a person like this through poetry. Because there's
nothing pure in one's soul actuated besides trauma and disgust, and nobody
wants to read about that….really, nobody. Everybody hates when they feel
somebody has bothered to write a poem about something that should
have never happened in the first place. Especially when it's about a human
being who should have NEVER been created at all. So God is not perfect, huh?

Thursday, September 26, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: creation
Crayon Poet 26 September 2019

He doesn't seem vaguely perfect to me, either. But I hope to be proven wrong.

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Crayon Poet 27 September 2019

Nice to know we are both still open-minded, Julia.

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Julia Luber 27 September 2019

I like that idea of being proven wrong about the imperfection of God.

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Kenneth Maswabi 26 September 2019

It is a very good pouring of frustration and the basic instinct is to haul questions at God. I really enjoyed reading your poem. For me it is about awakening the consciousness of human beings...sometimes we need that unruly character to help us open our eyes and see beyond our realities. It is ultimately the unconditional Love of God, yourself and others that help us see beyond the present situation and realize our oneness. Thank you for sharing.

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Julia Luber 26 September 2019

I am not sure my response is recording. PH is not always a perfectly functioning platform.

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Julia Luber 26 September 2019

Beautiful response, resonating with deep insight and as well astute respect for my frustrations and grapplings in a poetic way. I like that God is potentially projected by a concept of an 'unruly character, ' and that I am reminded of a Love of God.

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