God Poem Poem by Lee Crowell

God Poem

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Ra the Egyptian sun god battles darkness every night
and returns every morning with another day in his arms
thankfully for us he is batting one thousand
at the mercy of Ra's efforts I lie awake
sweating what lies ahead

destined to be judged by Allah
my friend built a house of stones he pulled from the stream
when his wife cheated
with a well aimed gun he killed her cat
he now lives alone waiting for his moment
and his little beauty stands unfinished
but nicely liveable

on mount Olympus Zeus cut off his father's head,
married his mother,
and claimed command over everything

the Chinese god Yu-huang spent two hundred and twelve million years
to become the Jade emperor

Moses climbed mount Sinai
and received commandments from god
I met my landlord at Wendy's
to avoid eviction from a nightmare dream

our father so loved the world
he gave us Jesus
and we now have christians
and people who seem like christians
ask us to donate on a regular basis
and then they ask for more

as a boy Lord Krishna defeated demons
sent by his uncle the king
today the pool hall hustlers will swarm
and lead me to think I am winning
and the joy will blind me
while they fleece me of my possessions

if you believe anything
you're certainly not alone
and when you dare to guess what's in my hand
I won't need magic
to empty my pockets for your prize

Obed Souza 18 July 2009

So far... so near... at the reach of our hearts... Would you please read ' Inspiration'. Yes, there are so many beliefs...

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Myrtle Thomas 22 April 2009

I agree with this write for these reasons we dont go to church any more, it is a business.Jesus said come I will make you fishers of men, they sit in church waiting for the fish to come to them.Jesus ministered to the flock now the flock has to minister to the preachers and pastors.SHAME

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Patti Masterman 18 April 2009

Very lyrical writing about the myths of mankind. I think most engrossing.

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Callie Carroll 09 October 2008

The last part of the last stanza sys it all. You never fail to intrigue me.

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