George's Shoes Poem by Lee Crowell

George's Shoes

Rating: 4.1

my father in law is at the end of his life
his name is George and I don't want him to go

but we all leave
we just don't have to think about it right now
unless we're already in George's shoes

and it's sort of bittersweet
that there's not a living soul who wants him to go
he is loved that much

(George Derby, born April 24 1920, died May 9 2009, I will not forget him)

Denis Martindale 02 May 2009

My comments about Lee's poetry were edited to be expressed in a separate piece of poetry called: Ask Not For Whom The Bell Tolls The home page has a Poet Title search for those who would like to see the comments in that way...

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Salu Salu 02 May 2009

quite simple....very moving...if anything could touch your heart a bit and pause you to ponder more n's poetrys mesmerism... that does.. rgrds/salu

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Sandra Fowler 02 May 2009

Your father-in-law sounds like a great human being. Your words are bittersweet indeed. This is lovely, Lee. Warm regards, Sandra

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Reshma Ramesh 02 May 2009

this shows us that we think abt life and death only when we lose someone close to us.......well penned

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Catrina Heart 02 May 2009

We'll only feel and understand truly one's personality when we are in his shoes....nice shrot poem written. Thanks!

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Fading Heart 03 June 2009

you must feeel so strong about this person if you would write apoem that good about them. I thank you for sharing withme i know i will never forget this poem i hope others see that two

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Winnie Angel 21 May 2009

a loveable feel...sweet and genuine too...beautiful tribute to HIm..May His soul restin peace....

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Victor Sklyarov 08 May 2009

Dear Lee, I Mark 10 for your poem, but not for the message. I, a Russian, will never regard sodomites as a norm but only as pertverts despite any conventions concluded by any perverts. Here I accept responsibility with George Bush collaterally.

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Bob Gibson 07 May 2009

There is a time when we must go live like a river in full flow from moutain stream to river mouth our lives are as simple as north to south!

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Kim Wagener 03 May 2009

sweet and precise. great work.

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