God's Wrath Poem by Tribhawan Kaul

God's Wrath

Rating: 3.7

HIS benevolence knows no boundaries
but incomprehensible is God’s wrath
thinks not twice while taking away all
forewarning always never to cross HIS path
but none heeds and who cares
nailed to cross one who dares
“never blame me, ” thunders HE
blame the elements
wrecking the havoc
humans invited the wrath
what a pity!
Raping the nature’s generosity.
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Devastating cloud bursts and subsequent ravaging floods killing approx.10,000 and erasing villages after villages of Utrakhand/India made me write this poem. Who is actually responsible?
Gajanan Mishra 01 July 2013

raping the nature's generosity. thanks.

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Valsa George 01 July 2013

Most of our miseries are man made and there is no point in blaming God! He created a beautiful world for man to inhabit, but man's excessive greed and thoughtlessness for the posterity bring upon us untold miseries! A great write!

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Chandana Khan 21 July 2013

God save us from His wrath, 9

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R.j. Wynn 12 July 2013

God has already answered evil, it is we who are scared. Who will give his own flesh to save another is as a god.

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 09 July 2013

A wondrful poem representin God's fury as d rape of nature like rapacity wastin. Kudos!

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Wahab Abdul 03 July 2013

a poem with great wisdom..a social poem with a warning not play rough with nature, .. a very good poem..i liked it...

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Shahzia Batool 02 July 2013

who is actually responsible, the culprit is not difficult to find... we commit presumption...we are the SO WHATTERS, we take things light which ought to be taken seriously, we do not feel fear, we are audacious, never think never to cross His path...and Nature demonstrates when that Divine wrath is provoked...storms are not devastating...it's we.... not a poem but a mirror! ! !

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Tribhawan Kaul

Tribhawan Kaul

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