Good Morning Beautiful Birthday Girl Poem by Michael P. McParland

Good Morning Beautiful Birthday Girl

A very good morning and happy birthday
to you my sweet beautiful girl.
Today on this more than all I others
we celebrate you and your life
for the wonderful gift that you are,
it's all about you even more so
and I send you sweet birthday kisses
with big morning hugs,
don't forget to catch all of the millions
upon millions of big smiles I send.

I'd love to just start your birthday morning
by putting my arms around you so tightly
and looking in your gorgeous to tell you I love you
and am ever so thankful that you are my Kira.
Then I'd kiss you so sweetly and deeply
letting you know that you so truly matter
and that you really are my everything.
Happy birthday my most beautiful Angel
and feel my arms around you with the sweetest
of kisses all over in true love telling you
that I am so grateful my my most beloved diamond,
gift, and supreme blessing.

So my sweet love after some good snuggling
and sweet kisses straight from our tender
hearts and souls with true love overflowing
I will bring you your hot coffee as we sit up
either in bed or on the couch my sweet love,
whichever you choose and get so cozy together
just talking while we talk all of our plans for your day,
while you told me what you'd like
and without the kids around give you the special
little gifts I would have bought for you.
I wish I could spend such a wonderful morning
with you my sweet girl on your birthday here.

So a beautiful good morning birthday to you
my sweet and beloved beautiful birthday girl.
Feel all of the warmth and the love that I send
and know it goes deeply my sweet Angel dove.
I will be thinking of you and hear my heart
as it sings the loudest birthday
love songs to gorgeous you.
I love you sweet girl and I always will,
I pray that so soon we'll be spending
all birthdays and days together in great joy and cheer.
You truly are my sweet love my everything.

Good Morning Beautiful Birthday Girl
Wednesday, November 2, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: birthday,morning,true love
Good morning Kira my beautiful sweet girl and happy birthday, I wish we were together to celebrate and spend great time. Have the most beautiful day my beautiful sweet Angel dove. God bless you and I thank him for you. Thank you for all of your love and deep care my sweet lady. Feel my hand within yours sweet one and know I am with you the whole way. ILYF
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