Feelings Poem by Spike Milligan


Rating: 3.4

There must be a wound!
No one can be this hurt
and not bleed.

How could she injure me so?
No marks
No bruise

People say 'My, you're looking well'
.....God help me!
She's mummified me -

Paul Butters 03 August 2008

The serious side. Yet he can still conclude with something of a laugh. Wonderful. Paul.

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That Smile 26 November 2007

This poem is really really A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Thank you so much for giving us the chance to enjoy it, Mr. Milligan :)

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Aashish Ameya 04 September 2007

good poem, thats how love hurts......

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Resten Swondo 01 January 2010

Spike Milligan always had a unique sense of humour which carries in this poem. One should see the funny side of life, and in the ordinary Spike found the absurd fascinating. One should think of the Goon Show as the more absurd version of this poem. Humour is a great restorative, particularly to something treated so seriously as spurned affection (which I assume is the object of this poem) .

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Sallie Howson 07 December 2007

how can this poem not be in the top 500? ? it's great

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Suryendu Chaudhury 14 October 2020

The mental wounds don't make a visible mark but is more painful than a bruise.

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Helen Kavanagh 05 July 2018

Very emotional and spoken from his heart. Sums up the very depth of his depression,

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Tom Allport 07 May 2017

a bloodless poem that is painfully true some people look well yet are blue? ..........wonderfully written.

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Tony Hoss 07 May 2017

Within his depression he brought so much talent through his work mostly know him from the goons shows but his writings were an extension of his personality you must read his biography a great read!

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Prabhata Kumar Sahoo 07 May 2017

Poem directs a solid thing - injured without lnjury.The poem may be edited by the poet a little to make the injury more sweet.

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