When You Wake Tomorrow Poem by Brian Patten

When You Wake Tomorrow

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I will give you a poem when you wake tomorrow.
It will be a peaceful poem.
It won’t make you sad.
It won’t make you miserable.
It will simply be a poem to give you
When you wake tomorrow.

It was not written by myself alone.
I cannot lay claim to it.
I found it in your body.
In your smile I found it.
Will you recognise it?

You will find it under your pillow.
When you open the cupboard it will be there.
You will blink in astonishment,
Shout out, ‘How it trembles!
Its nakedness is startling! How fresh it tastes!’

We will have it for breakfast;
On a table lit by loving,
At a place reserved for wonder.
We will give the world a kissing open
When we wake tomorrow.

We will offer it to the sad landlord out on the balcony.
To the dreamers at the window.
To the hand waving for no particular reason
We will offer it.
An amazing and most remarkable thing,
We will offer it to the whole human race
Which walks in us
When we wake tomorrow.

Amberlee Carter 05 January 2005

I've read something like this before, somewhere...i wish I could remember.. Anyways, I love this.

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Michael Shepherd 02 April 2005

A poem to love and read again and again.

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Hunter Dasten 21 October 2008

I love this poem, it's a fantastic read, I'm sure it will be stuck in my mind all day long.

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Eye Bike Tree 29 June 2018

My sixth form girlfriend wrote this poem in a letter to me thirty years ago. How lucky am I

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Wonderful poem I loved it

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M Asim Nehal 23 July 2016

Nice one. I liked it..........A beginning of new day with fresh thoughts new hopes. we all wish to start afresh but seldom this happens as we carry the burden of past.

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Dutendra Chamling 18 October 2015

It's really wonderful poem. the dream, this poet has, will come true one day.

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Michelle Valdez 11 November 2008

This is a really nice poem and very romantic......

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