Haiku For Five Loaves And Two Fish Poem by Kostas Lagos

Haiku For Five Loaves And Two Fish

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By love
five loaves, two fish
fed thousands

Saturday, July 29, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: christ,christianity
Georgios Venetopoulos 30 July 2017

All cultures, carry their myths. Without myths a culture cannot create religion. But there is only one which calls the myths miracles.

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Kostas Lagos 30 July 2017

The true miracle is people sharing their food with others.

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This was happening in Ancient Greece, too. And none called it miracle.

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Kostas Lagos 30 July 2017

As long as you weren't a slave...

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Slaves (workers) were always well fed. Also: Slaves were never obligated to fight for freedom or for any reason at all. Free men did that.

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Doris Cornago 30 April 2022

The key term is love. What could mkve a boy to give his own provisions to feed others? Was it faith in the Messiah? Or was it crowd pressure? Or the emotion called love to give of yourself, what you have, with no expectations?

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Varsha M 15 July 2021

I never thought this intricate concept. This is really meaningful.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 31 December 2020

Five loaves and two fishes, remind me of Jesus then still on earth serving food for 5000 people. This amazing short verse, opens a door to the serving life of Jesus when still upon this earth. This short poem intrigues me, Kostas. True excellent short verse. Thank you so much for sharing

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Susan Williams 30 December 2020

'By love'---reveals a great understanding of Christ Jesus and His mission on Earth

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Leeann Azzopardi 11 December 2020

a wonderful haiku! Bravo! Please read and comment on my latest I have three

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