Half Naked Without A Hat Poem by Rose Marie Juan-austin

Half Naked Without A Hat

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One hot summer day
At the carnival
I saw the teenage boy
Who had a big crush
On my beautiful sister.

He stole a kiss from her
But he got no luck
Before he could land his lips on hers
Her eyes were poked
By the rim of his hat
He ended with a black eye.

When I saw him again
He is a full grown man
He sported a shaved head
And wears a hat
Every single day.

He has all kinds of baseball caps
Collects all tennis hats
He got all the colors
That goes with his shirts.

He has fedora hats
He wears them with his suits
But what he loves the most
Are his cowboy hats.

One time a whirlwind came
It blew his hat off head
He tried to catch it
But he cannot outrun the wind
He went straight
To the nearby store
And bought a replacement.

On a cold weather
He wears beanie hats
But I noticed
They were in badly shaped
He used them
Until they disintegrated.

He reserves his favorite cowboy hats
During summer time
As a roof
From the Mother Sun
And stormy summer.

Sometimes he spoils
His Black Stallion
He puts grains
On the poor cowboy hat
He bends
And the horse will eat
To its heart's content.

But he doesn't mind
No, not at all
Despite he felt half naked
Without a hat
Inside the church
Specially on the most important day of his life
When he married
My beautiful sister.

Copyright 2018, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved

Robert Murray Smith 25 May 2018

Just a wonderful write with the best ending possible.++10

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Bipasha D 30 March 2018

An interesting humorous poem. The title of the poem is very apt.

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Thank you, Bipasha for the nice comment.

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Nudershada Cabanes 25 March 2018

An interesting poem Rose Marie. A beautiful narrative of your brother -in laws fondness for hats. Wonderfully crafted.10

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Your appreciation of this poem is highly appreciated, Nudershada. Thank you.

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Nabakishore Dash. 30 November 2021

Very nice choice of matching hats with shirts.More humorous is he wears hats till it disintegrates.Iam happy that ultimately he married your beautiful sister.

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Nabakishore Dash. 30 November 2021

Very nice choice of

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billy 12 October 2020

Made me laugh good job

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Chas Green 24 April 2019

I haven't read a funnier poem.

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Jankovic Zoran 27 March 2019

In a witty way, you've shown that thieves can be appealing. It's a great mastery to steal someone with something and then he's happy after that. You do not see my smile.

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