From Womb To Tomb Poem by Rose Marie Juan-austin

From Womb To Tomb

Rating: 4.8

Experts advised her
To expel you
And never
She will see
The likeness of you.

She stood by your side
From the moment you were conceived
You have the legal
And moral
Rights to be protected
And nurtured.

You shall be born
See the light
And enjoy the beauty of life
You must experience
The wonders of existence.

Some people said
She will bear the burden
From womb to tomb
If she will let you
Stay with her.

She made them aware
She will worry about you
Every single minute
But the bundle of joy
You will bring is infinite.

They keep on reminding
From womb to tomb
You will generate sadness
She keeps on rebutting
From womb to tomb
You will give happiness.

The thought of you
Just excites her
But it scares her to death
How she will react
At the moment of your birth.

She holds on to her gut
She knows everything
Will be alright
For God will be here
To make it right.

In every fiber of her being
You are indelibly marked
You will never part
From birth to death
And life after death.

Copyright 2018, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved

Sunday, March 4, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: mother and child
Dr Dillip K Swain 02 August 2019

In every fiber of her being/You are indelibly marked.....the truth so powerfully expressed! A magnificent piece of poetry that invites a reader to unfold it's taste in different ways in each visit! Brilliantly penned!

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Bri Edwards 22 October 2023

Dilliip, Use 'its', not 'it's' in your comment next time (a suggesttion) . : ) bri

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Dr Dillip K Swain 26 June 2019

In every fiber of her being/You are indelibly marked......great expression! A great poem.................10

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Bryan Smoot 29 September 2019

A great poem on a tough subject...

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Kesav Easwaran 22 January 2020

'Sa Rakhshita Rakhshati Yo Hi Garbhe'. HE who protects (us) in the womb would protect (us) ever. Thus says the Indian Mythological Scripture. Great poem on Motherhood combined with Faith 10+

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PREMKUMAR C N 22 November 2023

It is my third comment on this beautiful poem. Every time Iread it I feel the emotions embedded in it, stronger and stronger. Thepoem inspired me a lot and sparked ideas for my legal motivational classes on women empowerment.

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Bri Edwards 22 October 2023

I now see comments I left 4 years ago. I also found this [from YOUR baby? ? ]: 'Jun R Juan23 June 2018It touches the innermost part of me. I love you mom♥ Grateful to read this very beautiful poem'

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Bri Edwards 22 October 2023

I support Planned Parenthood completely, but also 'support' groups who help people through the process of having children. : ) bri

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Bri Edwards 22 October 2023

(cont.) I got my desired vasectomy (to prevent further pregnancies) 3 months after my daughter was born. Yay! ! I got divorce from her mom 7 years later. : ( bri

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Bri Edwards 22 October 2023

I have 4 siblings and had good parents in a 'middle class' household. But I NEVER desired to have children, only giving in to my first wife who felt she would not be 'a complete woman' without one. (cont.)

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Rose Marie Juan-austin

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