Haunted Verses Poem by Indranil Bhaduri

Haunted Verses

Rating: 4.6

It's a haunted shadowy night,
Sailing in my dream boat
I intensely try to glide through
The rough patches and murky sights,
The brutal views help me transform
Gradually into an evil spirit,
After killing my conscience and soul
During daylight..

And then I roar with lunatic laughter
On the failed trial of silencing
The deadly whispers of Satan..
As you and me
Were turning into naked bloody vampires
Penning the near future,
Reciting the total extinction of mankind.

I know for sure,
That darkness will rule,
As I am the ugly devil,
Determined to swallow
This world with its remaining life,
To create a black haven
Renamed as Hell..

It's time to bite the dust and view,
How it feels to kiss
A devil in disguise….
Embrace the malignant spirits
And bring on the destruction
Of peaceful life..

Here I wait for that day,
When you, me and all of us
In this beautiful earth
Will turn insane and crawl with glee
As bloodshed will paint the soil
And colour the oceans red,
To celebrate the devastation done
By ourselves, all the way…

Copyright © 2012 Indranil Bhaduri

Neela Nath Das 09 August 2012

This is called Rudra Ros in Bengali, I think. But very true. Because, we are in the age of decadence where people lack sense of values as if the evil power has taken hold of us.

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Jiya 123 14 August 2012

beautiful... :) liked the anarchy feel...

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Rumi Roy 07 September 2012

Amazing job. The feel of crude reality done by human beings, taking its path to destruction. Gives me a feel of looking at my mirror.

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Ruth Walters 20 September 2012

Another good one but now I'd like to see something of yours that is a little more lighthearted and fun, something funny. Readers like myself need to be uplifted after the storm ;)

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Bob Brown 07 August 2012

My God! What expressions of the slow destruction of this world initiatied by mankind under the veil of the evil. Mindblowing!

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Ankit Verma 22 January 2014

A other kind of world in your poem, its fearful but attract outer creature inside the darkness

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Aswath Raman 16 August 2013

Yes. I find it quite invigorating my friend! The inner conflict of a man who is in front of N number of choices (Parden my language as some 'unpoetical' words and uses may creep in) . The conflict of who we are and what we want to be. The inner psychopath inside every one! This is defenitely an exceptional poem! Enjoyed much!

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Mimi Mata 13 November 2012

Raw human conscience...In various shades of deep, deep red...Intoxicating imagery...10++++

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Yash Shinde 27 October 2012

lovely...............another great work of yours...............reveals how the humankind has lost its conscience.......truly true :)

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Prasanna Kumari 21 September 2012

the world as a whole with its devastating nature is reflected here...nice poem

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