Have U Ever Poem by juliet sinclarie

Have U Ever

have u ever lived my life?
spent one minute in my shoes?
if u havent then tell me why
you judge me as u do

have u ever woken up in the morning
wondering if this was ur last day on earth?
have u ever left your house
unsure if you'd return?

have u ever seen your friend get shot
outside his favorite store?
have u ever seen a friend die from drugs
he'd never used before?

have u ever seen ur mom get beat up
by ur stepdad messed up on booze?
have u ever had an unwanted pregnancy
forcing u to choose?

have u ever sat beneath the stars hoping
god will hear? have u ever seen ur friend
drive away after way too many beers?

have u ever had a friend experiment with
weed? have u ever covered up guilt by
doing a good deed?

have u ever considered suicide
as the only way? have u ever tried to
hide yourself behind the things u say?

have u ever wanted to protect your
friends and everyone in sight? have
u ever felt such pain that u cried yourself to sleep at night?

have u ever lived my life?
spent one minute in my shoes?
if you havent then tell me why
you judge me as u do?

Hilton Ball 17 October 2011

i have been threw all of it except hiding me behind the things i say my mother died when she gave birth to me cuz he use to beat her he tried to kill bothof use but im alive and well now but the poem you have is one of great expectations and you set a high standerd of jugment from all who are around you always jugded forever is life but the only one that counts is gods judgment then you will know all and good poem hunny lol love you

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Amber S 16 October 2011

its a good poem its amazing how u can write such good poems on the spot like that in other words good job :) -Amber

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i have not gone through all the things that you have but i have goe through some, and i have felt that way many times before. in this poem i felt your pain, as i read it seemed like the pain and the pain of muine have become combined. i know this feeling we seem to just hide or rrun away just to get away... i know a little bit, but because i havent gone through all of hjat you have so i cant really say.. this poem is sad and says aot it hurts me deeply just reading this because you have gone through this. i have a friend who has gonew through worse than you and even when he tells me it brings tears to my eyes. girly please never give up, and when you think death is the only way just realize whoi you will be hurting most of all, especially the ones you loved or loved. they still have feelings for you that i know. please just whn you feel all alone, just give a friend a call. and i am here to let you know that you have me as a friend to talk to, always. :) i feel the pain... well done. :)

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Amber S 11 October 2011

awww sad hun: (thats messed up...

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