He Moves Me Poem by Amy Ludidi

He Moves Me

Rating: 4.4

i met him on a saturday
he said he'd call me on sunday
he kept me waiting on monday
then he called me on wednesday
he asked me out on thursday
i played hard to get on friday
and he kissed me on saturday
i had the blues on the sunday
he said he loves me on a monday

he moves so and so
when he touches me
i am healed...
my pains seem to subsised
in his presence
my ailments are cured by his being
..his existance

he touches me in ways
and places unimaginable
by the mind
he shows me places others
may never get to see...
with the naked eye
he moves me so and so

i have seen him oh so real
though taking me to places
beyond reality
he...is a reality
beyond possibility
i have seen him
with the physical
i have felt him
in my internal
he moves me so and so

and when he sings.....
he sings songs that
sooth my soul
when he speaks
he speaks words that
bring me closer
to a higher power
he moves me so and so

oh how i love him so and so
him and i are soulbound
our minds intertwined
he loves me so and so
and i him...
beyond measure

he moves me so and so and so....

Ashley Ormon 06 February 2009

I loved how you started the poem very light-heartedly and ended it with a greater meaning. Also, interesting to read.9+

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Laurie Hill 18 January 2009

I really like this poem, the humour and the sincerity. It skips along beautifully.

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An so and so.. I enjoyed reading this mi amiga.? ? ? ? ? is it based on reality. if so, he be lucky.

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